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Noragami episode 12

<A Scrap of a Memory>

To think that Noragami would end so fast… With the tense battle, the horrifying moment when Rabo destroyed Hiyori’s memories and the touching resolution, episode 12 has made me so emotional.

noragami 12-1

The trio are transported to where Rabo and Nora are. A battle breaks out between Yato and Rabo to get Hiyori’s memories back. It’s heart-wrenching seeing Yato struggling to beat Rabo, with the difference in their strengths being so apparent. After realising that Hiyori is Yato’s weakness, he broke the ball containing her memories. Then it’s a tragic moment for Yato and Yukine when Hiyori passed out. The disappearance of her memories took her life.

noragami 12-2

It’s that epic moment when the hero silences the opponent with a simple sentence.  Yato slashes at Rabo, shocking him. His anger and grief have given him strength, awakening the god of calamity he was in the past. The next part of the battle was more intense, especially after Rabo merges with the Phantoms in the Storm.

“You come to me. I’ll hack that grin off your face.” – Yato

noragami 12-3

Hiyori waking up was the most emotional moment. Yato and Yukine were tearing up and so did I. Besides, who else was more focused on the Yato X Hiyori scenes than anything else in this episode? Yato fighting to get her memories back, Hiyori getting Yato out of the bubble he was trapped in, and Yato protecting her from the impact of the falling rocks.

noragami 12-4

This marks the defeat of Rabo. He talks about how he was waiting to be killed by Yato, one who knows him, before passing away.

noragami 12-5

noragami 12-6

noragami 12-7

The ship is sailing. Hiyori’s words seem like an indirect confession despite her denying it later. I love Kofuku and Daikoku’s reactions. And as for Yato, he’s blushing!!!

“Your wish has been heard loud and clear! Iki Hiyori. May our fates intertwine!”

noragami 12-8

noragami 12-9

That smile in the end. He’s so cute…

Did anyone else’s heart break when the credits appeared and the ending song started? The flashbacks made me feel even worse. Noragami ended! Suddenly it was like the end of the world. Yes, I know it sounds very exaggerated. However, especially when the “Play Again” sign appeared, I felt so lost and empty. I have nothing to look forward every Monday anymore. (It airs on Sunday but I only get to watch it on Monday due to the difference in timings.) I can’t see Yato anymore. There’s the manga, but who knows how long it will take to update?

Final Thoughts:

I’ll write a longer review for Noragami as a whole in the future. To sum up, here’s what I feel about Noragami. It’s never once disappointed me or made me bored. BONES’ animation is awesome which makes the anime really attractive. The opening and ending songs are great. Most importantly, the plot is exactly the way I like it. There aren’t any sudden skips in the plot that can make the anime confusing. There’s enough character development. There are many hilarious moments for someone who loves comedy like me. On the other hand, there are serious moments which balance the mood of the anime. There are times when I laugh really hard, but there are also times where I cry. To me, that’s what makes Noragami a wonderful anime.

Hopefully, when the manga is more developed, Noragami will get a second season. Please grant my wish, Yato. In the meantime, I’ll just have to wait for the next chapter of the manga.

Watch Noragami episode 12 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-12/


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Noragami episode 11

<Abandoned God>


Episode 11 is so emotional. All those feels… Contrary to what I thought in the previous episode, Hiyori has only forgotten about Yato. One thing I was really curious about throughout the episode was how Hiyori could remember Yukine but not Yato. Yukine was Yato’s Regalia, so it was strange how Hiyori could remember a Regalia but not his master. Of course, that was clarified later when Nora explained that she removed Hiyori’s memories of Yato.


Someone’s blushing! But really, it’s super sad for Yato. All this time, he’s been lonely and always being forgotten by humans even though he’s a god. Hiyori’s the only human who truly knows of his existence. However, now that Hiyori has forgotten about him, it’s really saddening for him. It’s back to square one for him. I was reading the manga a few days ago, when Hiyori made a mini shrine for Yato. It was super touching, especially when Kofuku explained that for a god, having a shrine built for you meant was a proof of people’s emotions, as a sign of thanks. In contrast, being forgotten by humans can erase the existence of a god, because gods are created from humans’ wishes.


I see Yato X Hiyori! I ship them! I ship them! That aside, it was heart-rending to see how hurt Yato was after knowing that Hiyori really forgot about him.

noragami 11-4

Nora is currently serving as Rabo’s Regalia. One of the things I liked about this episode was how there were fighting scenes, a bit at the start regarding Yato and Rabo’s past, then some on their present battle. Nora proves to be extremely strong, with Yukine’s strength paling in contrast. For some reason, Rabo keeps mentioning how Yato was not as strong as in the past, and tries to hypnotise him to remember. Nora and Rabo are ganging up against Yato and Yukine to get him to “go back with them”.


When I was watching the start of this episode, I thought that the fight involving Yato and Rabo in the past was about them fighting each other. However, it was later revealed that the two of them were once partners. Rabo was a god of calamity who grants wicked wishes which makes him kill Regalias, people and even gods.


To try to get Hiyori remember Yato, Yukine brought Yato’s picture play to Hiyori. (That drawing is so cute!) It’s really touching to see the playback of the events the three of them are gone through in the past.


I knew something was bugging Yukine when he was reluctant to turn to the last page. This must be where Yato was too depressed to continue drawing after their defeat to Rabo. It was sweet how Yukine decided to continue and complete the story. It was a childish drawing compared to Yato’s but it clearly shows the Regalia’s sincerity. Here I go tearing up again…


I love this scene. It’s a pretty sentimental scene. I love the background of the glistening sea, and Yato’s firm statement lifted the depressing mood. It was like the shining parts of the sea represented hope, hope that Yato and Yukine could get Hiyori’s memory back. Over to what happened afterwards, I’m not sure what to say. It was so sudden that I didn’t understand what happened. At first I thought Hiyori remembered Yato and Yukine, but then the two of them vanished into thin air. Did Nora completely erase Hiyori’s memory of them?

Anyway, next week is the very last episode of Noragami! I didn’t think it would end so soon… Once Noragami ends, I will have nothing to look forward to every week. For those who don’t know, there’s actually on OVA for Noragami. I watched it yesterday, and it’s hilarious. I’ll try to review it soon. Since next week will be the last episode, Yato and Yukine should succeed in getting Hiyori’s memory back. I’m curious to know what exactly happened when they disappeared at the end of episode 11. I’m really eager for episode 12, yet at the same time, I don’t want it to come so soon, or it’ll mark the end of my favourite anime of the season.

Watch Noragami episode 11 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-11/

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Noragami episode 10

<Regarded with Hate>

noragami 10-1

I’ve actually read the manga version of this chapter before watching this episode. (I was so hyped up about Noragami that I had to read the manga) Still, I like how the scenes have been brought to life with BONES’ amazing animation. With Noragami reaching its last few episodes, the plot in the anime has taken a different turn from the manga. I really like the whole Bishamon drama in the manga so it’s a shame how it can’t fit into the anime. On the other hand, this means that I can watch the anime and read the manga without seeing the same plot being repeated. Thus, I have more things to look forward to.

noragami 10-2

Back to episode 10, Yukine is now a good boy who has a part-time job at Kofuku’s to make up for the money that he previously stole. He’s also trying to help Yato. I love the reactions of Yato and Hiyori, especially Yato’s expression in the previous picture, which is like a father being so touched and proud of his son.

noragami 10-3

It’s tough being a Regalia. Since they’re dead, they can’t lead normal lives even though they wish they could. They were once human, so they can be influenced by those around them and give in to temptations. The line between them and Phantoms is really thin, so one mistake could get them into deep trouble, causing them to succumb to the darkness. It’s pretty frightening if you think about it.

noragami 10-4

This isn’t a completely happy episode even though Yukine has turned over a new leaf. When Yato asks Tenjin for advice regarding Hiyori’s problem, Tenjin replies that he should try cutting their ties. The more Hiyori involves herself with Yato and the Far Shore, the harder it is for her to return to her original life. It’s a difficult situation for Yato, since they’ve become so close recently, especially since Hiyori was the one who saved him.

noragami 10-5

Yato’s drawing was totally awesome! It reminds me of how Bossun from Sket Dance is a brilliant at drawing as well. Now that I think about it, Yato and Bossun are pretty similar. Both of them are really cool at times, yet are usually treated as idiots by those around them.

noragami 10-6

This is my favourite screenshot of this episode. Would you just look at that adorable face Yato is making! Kawaii~ It’s so cute that he brightens up at the news of food stalls. Even the dog is smiling.

noragami 10-7

Nora and her companion is back. In this episode, it is revealed that his name is Rabo. At first, after reading the manga, I thought that Rabo was Kugaha, since they are a bit similar. I’m really interested about his sudden arrival. Who is he and what does he plan to do to Yato and Hiyori?

noragami 10-8

I was expecting this, but I was still quite shocked to hear Hiyori ask this. It was saddening to see how hurt Yato was when he heard her question. Yukine was in a state of disbelief, but it was tougher for Yato, since he has a rough idea of what had happened. Nothing good ever happens when Nora comes into the picture. What did she actually do, to make Hiyori forget Yato and Yukine? Is it possible for Regalias to cut the ties between people without their master’s orders? I’m really curious about the extent of Nora’s powers. Is she so strong because she’s a stray?

The next episode looks exciting, with so much action going on. I’m so enthusiastic whenever I see fighting scenes. Since the plot for the anime will be different than the manga, I’m eager to know what will be happening in the next episode. By the way, I’m having a one week school holiday, so I’ll be able to review episode 11 really soon!

Watch Noragami episode 10 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-10/

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Noragami episode 9


noragami 9-1

Wow this was one extremely emotional episode. Contrary to what I initially thought, Daikoku formed the borderline only to protect Kofuku. He did allow Hiyori to enter and get herself cleansed. To save Yato, an ablution has to be performed, and three Regalias have to be present. Fortunately, Mayu agreed to help her previous master.

noragami 9-2

I was really worried for Yato and Yukine. If the ablution failed, the only way to save Yato would be to slay Yukine. However, despite how Yukine has been such an idiot doing such selfish things, I don’t want him to be killed. Also, I’m sure that Yato doesn’t want to kill him. Even though they don’t really get along, they manage to work very well together when it comes to defeating Phantoms. Yukine is fast at learning, as seen in the introduction of creating borderlines. He is a rare, highly skilled Regalia.

noragami 9-3

I was extremely anxious when Daikoku could not find the third Regalia to take part in the ablution. When Hiyori mentioned Nora, I felt uneasy. No doubt, Nora is strong and she would most likely agree to help Yato. However, with her present, Yato might use her to kill Yukine if he could not stand the pain anymore. I was worried that Kazuma would ignore Hiyori’s plea for help when he dismissed the news about Hiyori’s presence during the meeting. Thankfully, he only did that so that Bishamon would not notice. In the end, he agreed to participate in the ablution.

noragami 9-4

The ablution was pretty terrifying. I didn’t expect there to be Phantoms growing on Yukine. I was quite frustrated when he refused to repent in the beginning. Even though the process of the ablution hurts a lot, it was perplexing how he was still so stubborn, with no signs of guilt. It’s not like I don’t understand how he was feeling. To get everything snatched away from him when he’s so young isn’t easy to cope with. Nevertheless, there are lines that should not be crossed.

noragami 9-5

This was when I couldn’t hold back my tears. Hiyori reminded the young Regalia how Yato has always given him chances despite how he suffered whenever the Regalia does a misdeed. Since Yukine refused to repent his sins, Yato was hurting a lot. Yet, he fought the thought of slaying his Regalia to save himself. Instead, he tried to persuade Yukine to listen and give in. With all those emotions flooding in, my tears kept flowing.

“It’s true that you can’t interact with people from the Near Shore on equal terms anyone. But I granted you a person’s name… So live as a person!” -Yato

noragami 9-6

At last, Yukine apologised, and the flowing of my tears continues. Just when the Regalia was going to cross the other side and turn into a Phantom, Hiyori and Yato’s words moved him. Yukine was once human after all. Thus, Yato was saved.

noragami 9-7

For all those Hiyori haters, get this right. Yes, she was probably a bit too full of herself thinking that it was alright to meddle with the affairs of a god. However, who was the one who truly saved Yato? Iki Hiyori. She may not have the powers to perform the ablution, nor does she really know what should be done to save Yato, but she was the one who got help. If Hiyori didn’t bring Yato to Kofuku and Daikoku, Yato would have died.

noragami 9-8

I was elated and relieved to see Yato back to normal again. I really can’t bear to see him suffering so much because of the misdeeds of his Regalia.

All that suspense and emotions triggered in one episode… yet with the last few minutes of the episode, it’s most probably only the beginning of the trio’s troubles. With Nora and her equally and maybe creepier companion, more of Yato’s dark past will be mentioned, and more challenges will arise for the main trio. Noragami gets more exciting after every episode.

Watch Noragami episode 9 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-9-english-subbed/


Noragami episode 8

Lessons have officially started, with stacks of homework piling in. Sadly, this means that I won’t be able to review Noragami as soon as I watch it. Reviews will be pushed back to the weekend, which is nearly a whole week after the episode is aired, but it’s better late than never, right?

Episode 8: Over the Line

noragami 8-1

This is what happens when guys appear in the girl’s toilet in front of Hiyori. A fuming Hiyori is not someone to be messed with.

noragami 8-2

Hating someone just like you… I guess that most people have something they don’t like about themselves, and that some have pasts they would rather not mention or remember. The boy who was bullied clearly reflected Yukine’s past. Seeing him brought horrible memories to the young Regalia. Still, that’s too much hate…

noragami 8-3

Whoa. Judging by the usually bubbly Kofuku, it’s hard to imagine her being cold. I was surprised when she suddenly made a 180-degree change in her attitude towards Bishamon.

noragami 8-4

Poor Yato. He didn’t even do anything wrong and he got beat up by Hiyori again. Two times in an episode!

noragami 8-5

Those eyes! ❤ I love it when Yato is being serious. He becomes so cool!

noragami 8-6

I seriously wanted to snatch that baseball bat from Yukine and knock some sense into him. After seeing him smash so many of the school windows and instilling fear into the innocent students, I could not forgive him anymore. Indeed, people can be controlled by their emotions at times and do things to vent out their anger. I’m guilty of that too. However, no matter what, there are limits to everything. Yukine has obviously crossed the line between what can be done and what cannot. He has selfishly done something that caused harm to others, especially Yato. Even Hiyori could not defend him anymore. After seeing how Yato is suffering because of him, I hope Yukine can change his ways.

noragami 8-7

I was totally shocked when Daikoku formed a borderline between Kofuku and himself against the main trio. It broke my heart to see Hiyori begging for their help. However, after watching the preview, I’m glad that Tenjin will be helping Yato. Our dear main character definitely must not die! Noragami must be the only anime that can make me laugh then tear up in the same episode. Hang in there, Yato!

Watch Noragami episode 8 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-8/