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Noragami Aragoto episode 8

<God of Calamity>

noragami s2 8-1noragami s2 8-2

Takamagahara officially recognises Yato’s mini shrine (after he pestered the government office for days) and has granted him rights like access to Takamagahara and his own (extremely tiny) plot of land. Oh well, something is better than nothing right? noragami s2 8-3

Yukine is determined to learn invocation from Kazuma, which Bishamon had allowed. It’s nice to see him trying so hard, even though his first lesson ended in failure.

noragami s2 8-5

A random schoolmate helps Hiyori when she trips on a can. Spoiler but this guy is not as kind as he seems! Yeah, Noragami is not meant to be a shoujo anime with flowery moments like these.

noragami s2 8-4

Happiness is short-lived in Noragami Aragoto. With the Bishamon arc over, the Ebisu arc poses a much deadlier situation for Yato. Daikoku had previously raised questions of how a minor and unknown god like Yato has been able to survive for centuries. The title of this episode, God of Calamity, reminds us that Yato is a god of calamity, and he is now being forced to return to the darkness of his past. This is not uncommon, for Kofuku mentioned that Yato sometimes disappears for months, without informing his Regalias. Yato is forced to take up jobs that involves killing people, and has been gone for probably a month. When he flared up and protested that he wants to leave, ‘Father’ appears and grants Yato freedom once he completes one last job, which involves going to the underworld and rescuing a conjurer.

Oh gosh that snippet of the next episode… I remember reading that part in the manga! Indeed, absolute freedom is never granted without a price, and Yato’s new job will put him in the most dangerous situation he has ever been. Noragami Aragoto is here to bring more suspense and I can’t wait for episode 9!

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 8 at http://gogoanime.tv/noragami-aragoto-episode-8


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Noragami Aragoto episode 7

<How to Worship a God>

noragami s2 7-1

Episode 7 shows the growth of Yukine after knowing his role as Yato’s exemplar. The episode begins with the heartwarming scene of the trio’s return.noragami s2 7-2

It was hilarious to see Daikoku and Tenjin’s reactions after knowing that Yukine changed into a Blessed Vessel for Yato haha.

noragami s2 7-3noragami s2 7-4

After episodes of horror and tragedy at Bishamon’s, Noragami’s comedy returns. I can’t blame their reactions though. Who wouldn’t want money?

noragami s2 7-5noragami s2 7-6

The day that everyone has always been wishing for – for it to rain money. I respect Yukine’s decision to put away his greed for money and to make this decision for his master. It is definitely not an easy decision, but he did it for the sake of his master. It heartens me to see that Yukine has grown to be more sensible in this new season.

noragami s2 7-7

Yukine’s impersonation of Yato on point! XD

noragami s2 7-8noragami s2 7-9

If you thought you could have gone through this episode without shedding a tear, the ending is here to prove you wrong. Knowing how it has always been important to have a shrine of his own, Hiyori built a mini shrine for Yato, even though she got in the process. I read this in the manga and I cried, and I still cried watching it in the anime. Kofuku explains that having a shrine to a god is very significant because it shows the gratitude and appreciation the people have in them.

Right at the end of the episode, we see that Ebisu is actually involved with the masked Phantoms. I’m so excited to watch the next few episodes!

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 7 at https://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-007

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Noragami Aragoto episode 6

<What Must Be Done>

noragami s2 6-1

Kugaha insists that Bishamon is straying from how she is supposed to be.

noragami s2 6-2

I was appalled when Yato cut off Kugaha’s hand. I’m still scared of cut off body parts even when I first saw some in Kuroshitsuji. *shivers* I really blanked out after I saw Kugaha’s hand drop to the floor with the blood oozing from it. noragami s2 6-3noragami s2 6-4

Bishamon releases Kugaha. Knowing her, it would have been impossible to personally kill any Regalia, even if he betrayed her. Bishamon the magnanimous. You’re too kind, really! At least Kugaha won’t be back again.

noragami s2 6-5

Noragami Aragoto is making me cry too much T.T  noragami s2 6-6

I was really touched when Bishamon called the name of her oldest surviving Regalia. She had so many Regalias, most do not get called for decades. At last, she personally killed the Phantom that had eaten up her Regalias, even though she previously blamed Yato for doing the same thing. She had decided to face her own fears, knowing that this was the only way out, unless she wanted the Ha Clan to suffer from the same fate as the Ma Clan.

The ending of this episode was heartwarming, with the remaining Regalias living in harmony. I like the exchange diary idea – that’s so sweet of Bishamon haha. That way, she would be able to get to know her Regalias better, helping to resolve problems. There was no need to hide any feelings of sadness which could lead to hurt to both Regalias and Bishamon.

Watch Noragami episode 6 at https://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-006

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Noragami Aragoto episode 5

<Divine Acclamation, Imprecation>

noragami s2 5-1

The thunderstorm that was ongoing while I watched this episode reflected the tragedy and Bishamon’s agony. The beginning was good news for Yato and Yukine, because Yukine did not die, but transformed into a Blessed Vessel instead. This makes him more powerful as a weapon. This is a very touching moment, since only very loyal Regalias can be Blessed Vessels, indicating Yukine’s strong bond to Yato.

noragami s2 5-2

Afterwards, chaos breaks out at Bishamon’s manor while the two gods were fighting. Bishamon’s blight appears together with Aiha’s, causing her to be weak. This results in Bishamon’s weapon Regalias being corrupted, but she continues to fight. Kugaha’s masked Phantom killed the Regalias in the manor, starting from ‘useless’ non-weapons.

noragami s2 5-3

Aiha tells Kazuha about Kugaha’s plan, so they free Kazuma and Hiyori. They return just in time to stop Yato from killing Bishamon, but Bishamon insists on continuing the fight. Ultimately, Kazuma pushes Yato out of the way, causing himself to be severely wounded. (I was really shocked at this scene, especially since it happens so fast that I had to rewatch the scene.) Kazuma confesses that he was the one who asked Yato to kill the Ma Clan.

noragami s2 5-4

This is one shocking episode with some bloody scenes during the massacre at the manor and the fight, though I’m kind of immune to these after watching Shingeki no Kyojin. The comparison between Bishamon and her Regalias, and Yato and Yukine makes the latter’s relationship seem much more natural as a family. Not only had Bishamon been suffering all this while, her Regalias have been suffering by keeping cheerful appearances for the sake of their master.

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 5 at http://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-005



Noragami Aragoto episode 4


noragami s2 4-1

My anger from episode 3 has again been overtaken by sorrow. Caught in Kugaha’s trap and thinking Bishamon kidnapped Hiyori, Yato and Yukine confront Bishamon in order to get Hiyori back. Bishamon, still fueled by revenge and blinded by naivety of her Regalias all being loyal to her, attacks. Kugaha had planned this, hoping Yato would kill Bishamon, so that she will be reborn and that Kugaha can take the place of the exemplar. The medications given to Bishamon earlier made her weak (I knew it!) in order for his plan to succeed.

noragami s2 4-2

Kazuma reveals that he is the one who ordered Yato to kill the Ma Clan. Distrust and violence had broken out, causing Bishamon more pain, possibly leading to her death, and Kazuma made his decision hoping to save his master. This leaves Kazuma as the sole survivor of the Clan. In Bishamon’s point of view, however, Yato had killed her family. This makes Yato both her saviour and enemy.

noragami s2 4-3

My heart shattered when I saw this scene. Please excuse this short review while I attempt to piece my heart back again. Yukine, for all his complaints about Yato’s laziness, still sacrifices himself for the sake of his master. If Yato is killed, he will never be reborn unless a human makes a wish to him, but that it unlikely since he’s a minor god people don’t know about. Of course, our dear Yato and Yukine won’t be destroyed in episode 4 or this season would be for naught. Anyway, Kugaha, watch out. You won’t be smiling a few episodes later.

On a side note, Noragami Aragoto has been awesome so far, with the plot really being my type of anime haha. I will be watching Haikyuu season 2 after I catch up with the next few episodes of Noragami, so you can look forward to my first impressions of Haikyuu season 2! (I don’t think I’ll be doing episodic summaries/ reviews for other anime other than Noragami at the moment.)

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 4 at http://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-004

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Noragami Aragoto episode 3

<False Bond>

noragami s2 3-1

Episode 3 has such a shocking turn of events. I didn’t even realise that I was holding my breath for the last 10 minutes of the episode. The episode begins with the revelation of the truth behind Aiha. She is corrupted out of jealousy for Tsuguha, who “stole” her place as Bishamon’s weapon.

noragami s2 3-2noragami s2 3-3

Aww… it’s a Yato X Hiyori moment! According to the manga, there will be more of such moments in the future, so look forward to it, Yato X Hiyori fans!

noragami s2 3-4

I am so angry at Kugaha. How dare he trick Kazuma into thinking that Bishamon’s agony is because of Suzuha’s death, even though he was the one who ordered the death! Sheesh. My blood is still boiling. Now Kazuma thinks that he really is at fault, and that he didn’t even notice that a Regalia died. Don’t worry Kazuma, I’ll support you.

noragami s2 3-6

Yukine finds out that Suzuha is dead from Kazuma. In his pursuit to know more, Yukine pushes Kazuma is accidentally enters the realm of Bishamon’s manor. (check out that castle :O) Kugaha had been sowing seeds of distrust into Bishamon’s mind, making her suspicious of Kazuma’s involvement with Yato. Yukine accuses Bishamon of not being a good master to Suzuha and Bishamon fired a pistol at him, only to be blocked by a line drawn by Kazuma. This marks the final sign of betrayal for Bishamon, who initially wanted to revoke Kazuma’s name but decides to just send him to exile.

noragami s2 3-5

Knowing that Yato can’t call Yukine and is unarmed, Aiha is sent to attack Yato and leads him to a trap of countless spider Phantoms. Kazuma appears to save Hiyori, but is dumbfounded when he couldn’t restrain Kugaha, who is most likely a stray like Nora. Yato returns afterwards, but the playground is empty, except for Hiyori’s sleeping body.

Whoa. That was one intense episode right from the second half. Episode 2 was heart-wrenching, but episode 3 makes me burn with fury. Noragami Aragoto is here to bring us on this emotional rollercoaster. Brace yourselves, everyone.

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 3 at http://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-003

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Noragami Aragoto episode 2

<One of Her Memories>

noragami s2 2-1

Episode 2 is here to bring tears to the audience. Yukine finds his friend Suzuha, who tells him about his past and the story behind the old cherry blossom tree.

noragami s2 2-2

noragami s2 2-3

Yukine tells Yato about how he is afraid of Hiyori forgetting them when she grows up, just like how Tomoko kept forgetting who Suzuha was, and eventually never went back again. *sniff* Noragami Aragoto got me crying here when it’s only the second episode. Hiyori forgetting Yato and Yukine is something I never considered while watching the anime. With Hiyori being the only human who knows them, the day she forgets them is the day their existence is removed from the human world.

noragami s2 2-6

I’m so gonna kill Kugaha. How dare he kill Suzuha!!! It was already heartbreaking to know that Bishamon had never called Suzuha’s name for years (not her fault, since she probably has a hundred of Regalias or more), yet Kugaha just had to make it worse by mocking Suzuha and ultimately cause his death.

noragami s2 2-4

Being Noragami, an episode can never be entirely depressing, so comic scenes here are definitely welcome. What I love about Noragami is the balance between comedy and sad scenes like this. On a side note, this scene is like something I’ll tell my mom after dinner. Stress-eating from exam stress haha.

noragami s2 2-5

Kugaha confronts Yato and seems to want to use him for something, possibly in his plot to destroy Bishamon. I’m pretty sure he’s hiding the culprit of Bishamon’s blight, saying that the pink-haired Regalia was clear. It was definitely her! Also, I feel that some of the medications prescribed to Bishamon are actually causing her deteriorating health.

By the way, I’ve actually done with my reviews up to episode 5, but I’m planning to post them on consecutive days instead of spamming them in one day. Also, I’ve been watching Noragami Aragoto in HD, so my screenshots from now on would be of higher quality compared to those I’ve uploaded in the past. I was looking back at my old posts and there was a huge difference in quality haha.

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 2 at http://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-002