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First Impressions: Fairy Tail (2014)

I know I’m posting this when the first episode has been aired one week ago but well, better late than never!

Fairy Tail (2014) episode 176: The King of the Dragons

As a Fairy Tail fan, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this. What I first noticed was the change in art style. I don’t dislike it, but I guess nobody can get used to changes easily. When the episode started, I was pretty confused by what was happening. It was about destruction, Lucy crying and Natsu coming to the rescue. I couldn’t get what was going on, but then the opening started.

I really like this opening. At first, I was trying to figure out if the song was really in Japanese because it didn’t sound like it was. However, it did match the lyrics. That’s when I realised it was like the first ending of Ao no Exorcist, Take Off by 2PM. Masayume Chasing is sung by BoA, a K-Pop singer. It’s a really catchy song, so it’s been replaying in my mind very often ever since I heard it.

The Plot

I was wondering where this episode would start with after the opening. The part with the destruction was not explained except in the ending. Instead, the episode continued with Fairy Tail having a day off from the Magic Games. I like how the old Fairy Tail days are shown, with Natsu and Gray fighting, someone destroying Erza’s cake (it is the greatest crime in Fiore to ruin the Titania’s cake) and finally Erza dealing with the two of them. I’ve read the manga, so most of the plot follows the dragon slayers, accompanied by their Exceeds, Gray and Lucy, finding out the the Dragon King Festival. Arcnologia being the Dragon King is interesting part of this episode, despite me already knowing this since I read it in the manga. Speaking of the manga, I sort of wished that I didn’t read it since I don’t feel that much for the anime plot now. I already know what’s going to happen, so I don’t feel that surprised, and it eliminates the suspense.

However, one thing that made me really emotional is Lector’s disappearance. I read that part in the manga, but it still broke my heart to see it played out. I wanted to cry with Sting. It’s amazing how anime can make me hate a character at first then start liking him because something tragic happens to him. Back to my point, I can’t believe the master of Sabertooth did that to Lector! He’s cruel and unfeeling. He’s practially inhuman! Between the two Sabertooth Exceeds, I only liked Lector even though he was pretty arrogant and irritating. I hate Frosch. I think that he’s annoying. I don’t know why. That’s why, when I first saw what happened to Lector, part of me wished that Frosch was the one who disappeared. I know that it’s mean, but that was really what I felt.

I like how it’s set in the modern world. I know it doesn’t match the actual setting for Fairy Tail and it looks more like a scene in Fan Fiction. Most importantly, it’s entirely focused on Natsu and Lucy. What a way to start another shipping war haha. Well, I’m actually a Nalu fan. I don’t hate Nali, so I understand why Nali fans will dislike the ending. I think that the ending is sweet, but I hope Fairy Tail won’t be focusing too much on romance, because the reason I watch it is for the action and comedy.

Watch Fairy Tail (2014) episode 1 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Fairy-Tail-2014-episode-1-english-subbed/


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Blog Updates

Now that Noragami has ended, what will you readers be seeing on my blog? Due to an increasing load of homework, I doubt that I can write episodic reviews anymore. However, I will be writing full reviews for anime I’ve finished watching. I already have a few written and saved as drafts so that I have something to post during months that I’m too busy with school to write. Also, I’ll  be writing posts that aren’t confined to a particular anime. I think it’s good to write a broader topic from time to time.

Spring anime I’m planning to watch:

Fairy Tail 


Fairy Tail is back! (Cue to the Main Theme playing) I’m sure every Fairy Tail fan was disappointed with the anime ending with episode 175 so suddenly. “Where is episode 176?” was a really common question among the fans. Fairy Tail will continue tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Due to my tight schedule, the only anime I plan to watch is Fairy Tail. As a fan of this wizard-themed anime, I definitely have to watch the new season. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch other new anime this season.  For Winter 2014, I was extremely interested in Noragami just by seeing the picture and the plot. That turned out to be a great choice. However, when I was checking out the list of Spring 2014 anime,  I haven’t noticed any which appeal to me other than Fairy Tail. Somehow, the rest lack something to catch my attention.

Other things:

I’m honoured to announce that I’ve been featured in March Blogspotlight at Ninety’s Blog! You can read it here. Be sure to check out this amazing blog!

Also, if you’ve been following my blog for quite some time, you might have noticed that I stopped reviewing Log Horizon, Nagi no Asukara, Nisekoi and Hamatora. I initially planned to continue reviewing Log Horizon together with Noragami, but I didn’t have enough time and Log Horizon was starting to bore me. It. Was. Just. Too. Slow. I really like Nagi no Asukara. I’m currently watching Kuroko no Basket Season 2, and I would try to continue Nagi no Asukara when I’m done.

So much anime to watch. So little time. 

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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year! It’s the first post of the year so here’s an update on what you can expect to see from Otaku Daydreams this year. Since Kyoukai no Kanata and Kyousougiga have ended, the only ongoing anime I have left are Log Horizon and Nagi no Asukara. I’m still debating whether or not I’ll review the individual episodes of Nagi no Asukara, but I’ll definitely do an overall review for it when it’s completed. So, what else will I write about? There’s Fairy Tail which will be returning in April. (I’m so excited!) Also, I’ve checked out synopses of new anime for 2014 and one anime that caught my attention is Noragami.


2b0615ecca61d1f704bbe6ba3a4991c61378413715_full.jpg (610×886)

Yato is a minor deity who lacks even a single shrine. In order to build his own shrine, he scrawls his cell number on the wall of a downtown bathroom telling people he will help them in exchange for a 5-yen offering, becoming a self-styled “delivery god.” Hiyori, the daughter of a respectable family, is almost in a traffic accident, but is rescued by Yato. This causes her to become a “hanyou,” a person who can easily lose her soul. She chases Yato down, and they begin to work together. Yato also finds a boy named Yukine who becomes a “sacred treasure” that can be used by a god. The three of them battle “you” who bring harm to humans as Yato’s hidden history is gradually revealed.

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=15585

I think that the plot is interesting and there are many voice actors in this anime that I am familiar with, namely Hiroshi Kamiya (Memphisto from Ao no Exorcist), Yuuki Kaji (Finnian from Kuroshitsuji), Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!), Daisuke Ono (Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji), Jun Fukuyama (Grell from Kuroshitsuji) and Rie Kugiyama (Happy from Fairy Tail).

I’m not sure how much time I will have for blogging this year once school starts but I’ll try to post as often as I can. Other than anime reviews, I’ll also write about other related things.

Here’s wishing all of you a great year ahead!


Fired Up for the Return of Fairy Tail Anime!


Are you ready for another season of Fairy Tail? Aye Sir! As a fan of Fairy Tail, I’m extremely fired up at the fact that the anime will be continuing next year, most probably in April. When I finished watching episode 175, I was puzzled to see the “To be continued” sign and shocked when the words “Thank you for your support” appeared. I was so sad that Fairy Tail stopped, but fortunately it was just temporary. It was only so that more chapters of the manga can be produced before continuing with the anime.

The manga is awesome on its own, but for an action-packed anime like Fairy Tail, animation makes it even better. The fighting scenes become more epic, accompanied with great battle music. The sad scenes become more tragic with sorrowful music. In other words, the characters and whatever is happening seem to be more alive, or at least to me.

Since I received this good news, I’m so eager for next year!


Top 5 Funniest Anime Episodes

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! I initially planned to watch and write about the last episodes of Kyoukai no Kanata and Kyousougiga but since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to do something special. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to participate in this year’s Twelve Days of Anime Christmas (hopefully I can next year), but here are some memorable anime moments for me. To me, funny scenes are the most memorable, so here are my top 5 funniest anime episodes.

Fairy Tail episode 50: Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!


Love is in the air… or so it seems. Juvia gets a love potion to try to make Gray fall in love with her, while Lucy thinks that Natsu has asked her out for a date. However, this is Fairy tail, so things like these can never go smoothly. Watch as Juvia’s ‘love potion’ creates a ruckus in Fairy Tail when the guild members proclaim to be rivals, with Gray announcing that he’s Happy’s rival and claims that he can fly.

I love this episode. I’ve watched it twice but it just never gets old.

Kamichama Karin episode 15: Summer Time Blues


It’s hard to think of the funniest episode for Kamichama Karin without two episodes coming to my mind. Both episodes 14 (The Beach) and 15 are equally funny. But if I have to choose between these two episodes, I would say episode 15 is funnier.

At a school summer camp, Karin wears a blonde wig given to her by Kazune and decorates her ring so that she won’t be recognised by Kirio. Unknown to them, Kirio has fallen the blonde girl, not recognising her as Karin.When Karin drops her ring by accident, Kirio finds it and is determined to see the girl he has fallen for again. To do so, he sets up a survival race with Karin’s ring as the prize. Karin and Kazune participate as a team to get Karin’s ring back.

I read the manga version first and the ending is slightly different. I personally prefer the manga version but both versions are amusing.

K-ON!! Season 2 episode 4: Field Trip!


The seniors go on a school trip to Kyoto. My favourite scene in this episode is when the light music club seniors are having a pillow fight when it’s supposed to be light’s out and suddenly drop down pretending to be asleep when Sawako-sensei opens the door. I watched that scene around four times. XD

It’s really difficult to determine the funniest episode for K-ON. Most of the episodes have their funny scenes. Another episode I like is episode 11: Hot! where the girls are complaining about the lack of an air-conditioner in the clubroom. I love the part when they set up a funeral for their fan that broke down. This list doesn’t include OVAs and movies, but I personally feel that the funniest scenes in K-ON are in the movie. Be sure to watch it if you haven’t!

Daily Lives of High School Boys episode 5: Dubbing 


If you read my review for Daily Lives of High School Boys, you will know that I describe the series as ‘ridiculously funny’. This event, Dubbing, is an example why. The three boys are sitting on a bench in a park with nothing to do. They spot three middle school girls at a distance and start dubbing their actions, noting their actions. It’s impressive how their dubbing really matches what appears to be happening.

You’ll have to watch the episode to understand it because the humour in this anime is mostly in what they say rather than what they do.

Sket Dance episode 55: The Man Who Was Called Laughing on the Outside, but Origami on the Inside 


Chuu-sensei’s concoctions strike again! This time, when Bossun drinks it, all his feelings and expressions get mixed up. When he’s serious, he looks embarrassed. It’s amusing to see the reactions of those around him, especially Himeko. Things get even more hilarious when Bossun gets the cure for his problem. With clumsy Onee-san and Chuu-sensei’s dubious concoctions, it’s no surprise another problem arises…

So that’s my list of funniest anime episodes. I haven’t been able to rank them yet. I need Ranking Fuuta from Katekyo Hitman Reborn to help me! Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!


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Fairy Tail X Rave Master

I’ve read the manga version as well as watched the anime version. The anime version is an extended version with more characters involved. Here are some of my favourite scenes:

You don’t mess with Erza XD

So it turns out that the person who was rampaging around in the casino wasn’t Ellie but Erza.

Um… you got it wrong, Juvia.

I like the interactions between the Fairy Tail and Rave Master characters, and how they show how similar they are. The speaking slot machine was a weird idea, but all in all, I liked how it gave the opportunity for the Fairy Tail and Rave Masters to fight together. If you’re looking for something funny, I recommend that you watch this OVA.

Link to anime version: http://www.animeultima.tv/fairy-tail-x-rave-episode-1-english-subbed/

Manga version: http://www.mangahere.com/manga/fairy_tail_x_rave/