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Noragami episode 8


Lessons have officially started, with stacks of homework piling in. Sadly, this means that I won’t be able to review Noragami as soon as I watch it. Reviews will be pushed back to the weekend, which is nearly a whole week after the episode is aired, but it’s better late than never, right?

Episode 8: Over the Line

noragami 8-1

This is what happens when guys appear in the girl’s toilet in front of Hiyori. A fuming Hiyori is not someone to be messed with.

noragami 8-2

Hating someone just like you… I guess that most people have something they don’t like about themselves, and that some have pasts they would rather not mention or remember. The boy who was bullied clearly reflected Yukine’s past. Seeing him brought horrible memories to the young Regalia. Still, that’s too much hate…

noragami 8-3

Whoa. Judging by the usually bubbly Kofuku, it’s hard to imagine her being cold. I was surprised when she suddenly made a 180-degree change in her attitude towards Bishamon.

noragami 8-4

Poor Yato. He didn’t even do anything wrong and he got beat up by Hiyori again. Two times in an episode!

noragami 8-5

Those eyes! ❤ I love it when Yato is being serious. He becomes so cool!

noragami 8-6

I seriously wanted to snatch that baseball bat from Yukine and knock some sense into him. After seeing him smash so many of the school windows and instilling fear into the innocent students, I could not forgive him anymore. Indeed, people can be controlled by their emotions at times and do things to vent out their anger. I’m guilty of that too. However, no matter what, there are limits to everything. Yukine has obviously crossed the line between what can be done and what cannot. He has selfishly done something that caused harm to others, especially Yato. Even Hiyori could not defend him anymore. After seeing how Yato is suffering because of him, I hope Yukine can change his ways.

noragami 8-7

I was totally shocked when Daikoku formed a borderline between Kofuku and himself against the main trio. It broke my heart to see Hiyori begging for their help. However, after watching the preview, I’m glad that Tenjin will be helping Yato. Our dear main character definitely must not die! Noragami must be the only anime that can make me laugh then tear up in the same episode. Hang in there, Yato!

Watch Noragami episode 8 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-8/


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  1. cant wait for you to watch and review episode 9 :B

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