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Death Note

I just finished watching Death Note (yes it’s very late since the anime was aired in 2006). Watching it was an achievement for me as I finished it in 4 days. If I were to describe Death Note in one word it will definitely be: ADDICTIVE. That’s right. It’s the main reason why I could finish watching it so quickly. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. You’ll definitely get addicted to it too.

My favourite characters are L and Light. In my opinion, Death Note became much more interesting once L got into the picture. Watching L and Light outwitting each other was the best part of Death Note. They truly are geniuses. (spoiler) It really saddened me when they both passed away. I had a feeling that Light might die, but it was horrible when he did. As for L, I never, ever expected him to die. It was so sad that both my favourite characters died! It never happened before! T.T

L, did you know? Death gods… Only eat apples.

My favourite scene in Death Note is when L was trying to find clues from the notes the deceased criminals had left behind. I didn’t expect Light to come up with something so amusing.

Another interesting scene was Matsuda’s escape by pretending to jump off the building. It was funny when Aiber had to pretend he was ‘dead’ Matsuda by lying on the ground. I started laughing when he said “This is the worst role.” XD

On to more serious matters…

My impression of Yagami Light is that he is a genius but he gets bored easily. It was probably the reason he was so curious about the Death Note. At first, he thought that it was all a joke, but once he tried using it, it changed his entire life. Driven by his sense of justice, Light was determined to clear the world from criminals. Everyday, he would write many names of criminals. He felt that it was the only way to make the world peaceful. I feel that Light’s aims are not wrong, but his method of achieving them is wrong. Getting the Death Note made him too ambitious. In the last episode of Death Note, when Light was dying, I felt that he regretted what he did. He thought of his past, where he had a wonderful life. He was intelligent, an outstanding student and a nice family. However, it all changed when he got the Death Note.

The picture of L in the last episode shows one thing, which is justice will prevail in the end. It was the end of Kira.

All in all, Death Note is an exciting and gripping anime. It was really sad when it ended. I cried. And I think that from now on, whenever i see someone writing in a black notebook, the first thing on my mind will be “Kira”.