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Noragami episode 3


<Forbidden Calamity>

noragami 3-1

Yukine has to cope with Yato’s lifestyle, which includes getting daily necessities from trash and having a tiny fish as lunch. (It gets stolen by a stray cat and snatched back and eaten by Yato in the end so Yukine ends up with nothing)

noragami 3-2

Hiyori calls Yato to ask about her job and treats him and Yukine for lunch. Yato explains that the two of them can actually be seen by humans, only that they are harder to notice.

noragami 3-3

Yato gets a job and it turns out that it is from the learning god, Tenjin. It’s funny how Yukine and Hiyori immediately compare the two gods and worship Tenjin like a proper god. Poor Yato here. Later, he learns that his former Regalia, Tomone, now known as Mayu, is currently a Regalia of Tenjin.

noragami 3-4

Yato refuses to help with the job at first. He feels that people who want to die should just die. Hiyori is shocked and decides to deal with the job herself. Since Yato has already accepted the pay for the job, he has no choice but to help.

noragami 3-5

Yato then defeats the Phantom he was tasked to get rid of. It’s great seeing him in action again. The best scene is when Mayu bowed to her former master after witnessing what he did, showing how he has gained her respect.

“Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive.” – Yato

noragami 3-6

Hiyori then understands why Yato decides to help in the end. He doesn’t want people to waste their lives in front of the Regalias, who aren’t alive anymore. As for the picture above, it’s nice how Noragami manages to fit comedy so smoothly. It’s interesting to know that gods and their Regalias share the same body and mind, so Yato can sense what Yukine is thinking. What were you actually thinking about, Yukine?

noragami 3-7

Compared to the previous episode, Yukine has accepted Yato’s gift. Despite Yato’s eccentric personality, Yukine has become more used to him.

Episode 3 shows the interactions between the three main characters. Though Yukine was really rude to Yato when they first met, he is nicer to him after hearing Yato’s praise. I really wonder what happened to Yukine in the past and the reason he died. It’s sad to know that all the Regalias died so young. The interactions between the three characters are amusing. It’s nice to know that they are like friends with one another now, after seeing Yato and Yukine fretting over Hiyori at the end of the episode.

We learn that Yato is actually quite compassionate despite his usual ignorance. It’s always scenes like these that I like a character more. During the first two episodes, Yato is mostly there for comic relief. He’s not usually serious about his work and seems to be too busy daydreaming about getting his own shrine. He does work hard to get the money for his shrine, but perhaps he should have tried something else that could allow him to achieve his goal sooner and faster. This episode shows another side of him.

At the end of the episode, there was a young Regalia hiding at the shrine. She looks like the girl with Yato in the opening. She’s probably another of Tenshin’s Regalia but who is she? I’m really curious about her, especially her relationship with Yato.

Watch Noragami episode 3 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-3/


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3 thoughts on “Noragami episode 3

  1. I really love the trio’s interactions too. A really awesome episode.

  2. I like Yukine. I am very curious about his past and all the other Regalia’s pasts.

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