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Noragami episode 10

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<Regarded with Hate>

noragami 10-1

I’ve actually read the manga version of this chapter before watching this episode. (I was so hyped up about Noragami that I had to read the manga) Still, I like how the scenes have been brought to life with BONES’ amazing animation. With Noragami reaching its last few episodes, the plot in the anime has taken a different turn from the manga. I really like the whole Bishamon drama in the manga so it’s a shame how it can’t fit into the anime. On the other hand, this means that I can watch the anime and read the manga without seeing the same plot being repeated. Thus, I have more things to look forward to.

noragami 10-2

Back to episode 10, Yukine is now a good boy who has a part-time job at Kofuku’s to make up for the money that he previously stole. He’s also trying to help Yato. I love the reactions of Yato and Hiyori, especially Yato’s expression in the previous picture, which is like a father being so touched and proud of his son.

noragami 10-3

It’s tough being a Regalia. Since they’re dead, they can’t lead normal lives even though they wish they could. They were once human, so they can be influenced by those around them and give in to temptations. The line between them and Phantoms is really thin, so one mistake could get them into deep trouble, causing them to succumb to the darkness. It’s pretty frightening if you think about it.

noragami 10-4

This isn’t a completely happy episode even though Yukine has turned over a new leaf. When Yato asks Tenjin for advice regarding Hiyori’s problem, Tenjin replies that he should try cutting their ties. The more Hiyori involves herself with Yato and the Far Shore, the harder it is for her to return to her original life. It’s a difficult situation for Yato, since they’ve become so close recently, especially since Hiyori was the one who saved him.

noragami 10-5

Yato’s drawing was totally awesome! It reminds me of how Bossun from Sket Dance is a brilliant at drawing as well. Now that I think about it, Yato and Bossun are pretty similar. Both of them are really cool at times, yet are usually treated as idiots by those around them.

noragami 10-6

This is my favourite screenshot of this episode. Would you just look at that adorable face Yato is making! Kawaii~ It’s so cute that he brightens up at the news of food stalls. Even the dog is smiling.

noragami 10-7

Nora and her companion is back. In this episode, it is revealed that his name is Rabo. At first, after reading the manga, I thought that Rabo was Kugaha, since they are a bit similar. I’m really interested about his sudden arrival. Who is he and what does he plan to do to Yato and Hiyori?

noragami 10-8

I was expecting this, but I was still quite shocked to hear Hiyori ask this. It was saddening to see how hurt Yato was when he heard her question. Yukine was in a state of disbelief, but it was tougher for Yato, since he has a rough idea of what had happened. Nothing good ever happens when Nora comes into the picture. What did she actually do, to make Hiyori forget Yato and Yukine? Is it possible for Regalias to cut the ties between people without their master’s orders? I’m really curious about the extent of Nora’s powers. Is she so strong because she’s a stray?

The next episode looks exciting, with so much action going on. I’m so enthusiastic whenever I see fighting scenes. Since the plot for the anime will be different than the manga, I’m eager to know what will be happening in the next episode. By the way, I’m having a one week school holiday, so I’ll be able to review episode 11 really soon!

Watch Noragami episode 10 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-10/


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