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Final Thoughts: Black Bullet

Black Bullet had a synopsis that was really promising, with battles against monsters named Gastrea. It seemed like the kind of anime I liked, with lots of action but sad scenes as well. Yet, Black Bullet did not proceed as I would have liked it to. black bullet 1

The Good

All those faults aside, Black Bullet does reflect the dark side of society that is usually covered up. The scorn towards the Cursed Children reminds us of that. I like how Rentarou, the main character, questions what’s right and wrong, especially regarding the decisions made by his superiors. He has a proper sense of justice and his kindness has been portrayed throughout the whole anime. He’s an incredibly selfless protagonist.

The Bad

It’s a pity that Black Bullet failed to live up to my expectations. If you read my post, First Impressions: Black Bullet, you will know that I was skeptical about watching the anime due to the picture I saw. After reading the synopsis, I felt that Black Bullet was the kind of anime I like. However, when I saw Enju, my first thought was, “Oh man. Lolis. Okay, no thanks.” It was only after hearing my friend’s hyper interest in the plot that I startes watching it. Still, my skepticism returned later, when Tina first showed up. I didn’t like her at first. To be honest, the main reason is my irritation towards her dressing when she was first portrayed. Hello, wear your pyjamas properly, girl. At the middle of the series, I was getting increasingly skeptical about the lolis again. I mean, seriously, what’s with ALL the students wanting to be Rentarou’s bride? Yes, he’s a nice guy but please, seeing a bunch of little girls jumping on a guy is creepy.

The last episode was way too rushed. There was hardly any room for proper development, and many things were left unexplained. Does that mean there will be a second season? Even so, I’m not very sure I would want to watch it. It seems like Black Bullet tried to explore different areas, but due to the lack of proper development, the end result is a plot with ideas meeting dead ends in a labyrinth. Besides, I’m utterly horrified with that ending. There was a hint from Midori that Kisara was going towards the dark side, but what happened was way too extreme.

The Verdict

So, is Black Bullet worth watching? I actually felt that the last three episodes were good but the extreme plot twist that gave me a sick feeling in my stomach changed my mind. Out of 10, I’ll rate it as 5.5 or 6/10.



Black Bullet episode 3-4

I told myself that I wouldn’t be writing episode reviews anymore. But Rentarou, Enju, even Kayo… I just couldn’t help it. Who knew that Black Bullet would be so tragic?

Episode 3


Rentarou is the only main character I know that suffers so much in the first few episodes. I had a feeling it was way too easy to obtain the case even if it was right in front of them but the outcome of the fight between Rentarou and Enju against Kagetane and his Initiator was horrifying. I didn’t expect Rentarou to be stabbed that badly. When he passed out, I was so worried. It was only the third episode, so it was impossible for the main character to die so soon, but still, I’ve never seen a main character getting so injured at the start of an anime. If it was nearing the end of the anime, it makes sense, but not so soon.


I liked this scene at the end of episode 3. It showed the trust between the two partners. They supported each other no matter what and believed that they could do well in their mission.

Episode 4


Episode 4 was appalling. Rentarou and Enju foght against Kagetane and his Initiator again. This time, Rentarou was much stronger than before. Kisara revealed that while protecting her from a Gastrea attack years ago, Rentarou lost his right arm, right leg and left eye. After going through an operation, he now has artificial limbs made of Varanium. This enabled him to get past Kagetane’s Maximum Pain. I was frightened when Rentarou jabbed himself with five tubes of AGV. They provided regenerative abilities like the Gastrea, but they carried a 20% risk of death. Fortunately, it was a success. At the end of the battle, Kagetane fell into the sea. His signal was lost, suggesting that he was dead. But was he, really? I felt that he died too quickly.


When the alarm was raised, I was expecting Kagetane to jump out of the sea. However, it was reported that a Stage 5 Gastrea was nearby. I was disappointed when I heard this, but it also shows that Black Bullet isn’t predictable. I think that it’s a good sign. While seeing my predictions come true, I feel a sense of accomplishment, as if I’ve gained intelligence. On the other hand, if an anime is too predictable, it’s not as exciting. Some examples of anime with extreme plot twists are Death Note and Durarara. Watching anime with plot twists are thrilling because unexpected things happen when you least expect them.


Rentarou… I was dumbfounded when he yanked his arm off as a source of Varanium. I think that it’s selfless how he did that to save everyone else. It was an artificial arm, so it’s not as if Rentarou hasn’t lost an arm before, but for him to forcefully pull it off was a different matter. It definitely hurt. In addition, he had to shoot the Stage 5 Gastrea himself.

bb 4-4

“Satomi-san, from here on out, if you get lost in the darkness, follow the compass in your heart and go towards the light. Please save this world…” – Kayo

It’s heartrending to see Kayo asking Rentarou to kill her. She wishes to die as a human, hence making that request. Rentarou, having few friends, hesitated before agreeing to do so. He didn’t have much of a choice. If he let Kayo continue living, she would turn into a Gastrea, so he would still need to kill her. It was only a matter of time. Kayo died protecting Rentarou and Enju, highlighting the theme of self-sacrifice which seems to revolve around Black Bullet.

Black Bullet successfully managed to trigger my emotions. I’m starting to like Rentarou and Enju more. As for the ending of the episode, I’m quite worried about Enju, with her corrosion rate of 42.1%. Rentarou doesn’t want to tell her so that she won’t worry, but what’s going to happen? As for the preview, I’m eager to know about what happens with Rentarou and Enju’s job. Will they actually assassinate Sentenshi-sama?

Watch Black Bullet episode 4 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Black-Bullet-episode-4-english-subbed/


First Impressions: Black Bullet

When I read the synopsis of Black Bullet, I felt that it was interesting. It seemed like the kind of anime I liked. The reason why it wasn’t in my watchlist at first was because of Enju. I thought that it would be about lolis or something. Anime with little girls aren’t the kind I like to watch, so I put it off. However, after hearing my friend talk about how much she liked Black Bullet, I decided to give it a try.

I think I’ve been too critical of Enju from the beginning. When the victim turned into a Jumping Spider, I felt that she should have dodged instead of getting stuck there. It was like she was waiting for Rentaro to save her. However, it was a good thing that she ended up helping him when he ran out of bullets. Still, I didn’t really like her until episode 2, when more of the Cursed Children’s background was explained. (The ultimate plot technique: make the audience feel sad for the character.)

Now that I think about it, Rentaro reminds me of Rin from Ao no Exorcist but looks more like Gareki from Karneval. (I have a tendency to compare the similarities of characters’ appearances and personalities.) Also, I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but I feel that the opening song reminds me of Shingeki no Kyojin. I mean it in a positive way. I’m not trying to imply that Black Bullet is copying its style. I like the similarity in the starting and ending of the music. I like the upbeat rhythm of the song which makes me really want to watch the anime. The slightly sad tone also reflects the feelings of the Cursed Children who are discriminated by the rest of society.

Back to the plot, I really like how Black Bullet is going. The characters are interesting, even the villain. I think that the Gastrea is intriguing. Episode 2 managed to capture my attention fully. I like the pace on how the plot is being unfolded. It’s not too rushed or too draggy. Episode 2 made me really like Rentarou. He doesn’t view Enju as a tool like some other promoters. To him, Enju is a human and should be treated fairly as one. In fact, I feel that she is more of a sister to him.

The suspense, the great animation and plot so far… Black Bullet is a must-watch this Spring season.

Watch Black Bullet episode 1 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Black-Bullet-episode-1-english-subbed/