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Noragami episode 9

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noragami 9-1

Wow this was one extremely emotional episode. Contrary to what I initially thought, Daikoku formed the borderline only to protect Kofuku. He did allow Hiyori to enter and get herself cleansed. To save Yato, an ablution has to be performed, and three Regalias have to be present. Fortunately, Mayu agreed to help her previous master.

noragami 9-2

I was really worried for Yato and Yukine. If the ablution failed, the only way to save Yato would be to slay Yukine. However, despite how Yukine has been such an idiot doing such selfish things, I don’t want him to be killed. Also, I’m sure that Yato doesn’t want to kill him. Even though they don’t really get along, they manage to work very well together when it comes to defeating Phantoms. Yukine is fast at learning, as seen in the introduction of creating borderlines. He is a rare, highly skilled Regalia.

noragami 9-3

I was extremely anxious when Daikoku could not find the third Regalia to take part in the ablution. When Hiyori mentioned Nora, I felt uneasy. No doubt, Nora is strong and she would most likely agree to help Yato. However, with her present, Yato might use her to kill Yukine if he could not stand the pain anymore. I was worried that Kazuma would ignore Hiyori’s plea for help when he dismissed the news about Hiyori’s presence during the meeting. Thankfully, he only did that so that Bishamon would not notice. In the end, he agreed to participate in the ablution.

noragami 9-4

The ablution was pretty terrifying. I didn’t expect there to be Phantoms growing on Yukine. I was quite frustrated when he refused to repent in the beginning. Even though the process of the ablution hurts a lot, it was perplexing how he was still so stubborn, with no signs of guilt. It’s not like I don’t understand how he was feeling. To get everything snatched away from him when he’s so young isn’t easy to cope with. Nevertheless, there are lines that should not be crossed.

noragami 9-5

This was when I couldn’t hold back my tears. Hiyori reminded the young Regalia how Yato has always given him chances despite how he suffered whenever the Regalia does a misdeed. Since Yukine refused to repent his sins, Yato was hurting a lot. Yet, he fought the thought of slaying his Regalia to save himself. Instead, he tried to persuade Yukine to listen and give in. With all those emotions flooding in, my tears kept flowing.

“It’s true that you can’t interact with people from the Near Shore on equal terms anyone. But I granted you a person’s name… So live as a person!” -Yato

noragami 9-6

At last, Yukine apologised, and the flowing of my tears continues. Just when the Regalia was going to cross the other side and turn into a Phantom, Hiyori and Yato’s words moved him. Yukine was once human after all. Thus, Yato was saved.

noragami 9-7

For all those Hiyori haters, get this right. Yes, she was probably a bit too full of herself thinking that it was alright to meddle with the affairs of a god. However, who was the one who truly saved Yato? Iki Hiyori. She may not have the powers to perform the ablution, nor does she really know what should be done to save Yato, but she was the one who got help. If Hiyori didn’t bring Yato to Kofuku and Daikoku, Yato would have died.

noragami 9-8

I was elated and relieved to see Yato back to normal again. I really can’t bear to see him suffering so much because of the misdeeds of his Regalia.

All that suspense and emotions triggered in one episode… yet with the last few minutes of the episode, it’s most probably only the beginning of the trio’s troubles. With Nora and her equally and maybe creepier companion, more of Yato’s dark past will be mentioned, and more challenges will arise for the main trio. Noragami gets more exciting after every episode.

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