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Wrapping Up the Year 2013 with Anime

With 2013 ending, here’s a post to wrap up all of the anime I’ve watched this year. The list may look short, but that’s because I’m only including anime that are released this year.

Spring 2013 – Karneval


I think the reason why I watched Karneval is the animation. The characters are well-designed with cool costumes, or at least for the Circus members. On to the plot… I find the beginning of the anime well… awkward. I was debating whether or not I’m watching something very wrong but it turned out fine (phew). Throughout the series, one thing I noticed is that Karneval spends too much time introducing so many characters that the actual plot does not have enough development. For example, I find episode 11, Ice Cream Parade, redundant. It doesn’t contribute much to the plot and it’s like the characters forgot about their important mission. Then in episode 12, they suddenly remember that they’re supposed to save Karoku. In other words, I feel that the ending was too rushed. Perhaps without episode 11 there would have enough time to make the plot run smoothly.

Nevertheless, Karneval did cover enough of the main characters’ backgrounds so I did watch the anime with some feelings instead of being an emotionless ice block that I can for anime I seriously cannot stand. For girls, yes, Karneval has a lot of bishies (it’s josei after all) so if you watch anime based on its animation, Karneval might be for you. Ok I should admit that I do squeal over bishies as well. (Kyaa Gareki!) *cough* If we’re judging on the plot, the 13 episodes should have been spent more focused on the actual plot.

Shingeki no KyojinImage

Here’s an anime that requires no introduction. It’s an anime that both anime and even non-anime fans around me have been watching. SnK is probably the most popular anime of this year. At first, I was quite hesitant to watch it because I was afraid that it would be very gory. Once I watched episode 1, instead of being scared of the Titans, I cried when Eren’s mother was eaten by the Titan. There’s only one word to describe Shingeki no Kyojin: AWESOME. What I really like about this anime is its originality. I’ve never heard of anything like it. Besides, the fighting scenes are epic. Watching the characters fight the Titans while moving around using their 3D maneuver gear makes me want my own 3D maneuver gear so I can join in the fight. In addition, the openings and endings of Shingeki no Kyojin match the mood of the anime perfectly.

Every single episode was great. With such popularity, I really hope that there will be a second season for Shingeki no Kyojin. If you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for? Watch it now!

Fall 2013 – Kyoukai no Kanata


I feel that this one had quite a lot of potential, with an unusual plot. The first few minutes of episode 1 were baffling. I mean, what’s with Mirai suddenly stabbing Akihito with no explanation? At first, I planned to drop the anime due to that insanity but a part ofme wanted to know what happened next. Hence, I stuck around. Episodes 1-5 were slow and I was getting a bit bored but then came along episode 6. It didn’t contribute to the actual plot, but it was really funny, especially the ending.

Things finally started falling into place in episodes 10 and 11 and it was getting more interesting but then episode 12 arrived, being the finale of the series. Like I said, Kyoukai no Kanata had a lot of potential but there were too many plot holes. It has been a bit too draggy that many matters were left unexplained. Usually, at the end of a series, I will feel very strongly that there should be a second season. However, in this case, I’m not sure if I actually really want another season.

Kyousougiga Kyousougiga

Here’s one rare anime that manages to start and end off well despite having only 10 episodes. It’s the shortest anime I’ve watched so far, but every episode is a pleasant watch. Nothing is too slow or fast and the pacing is just right for an anime about a family like this. The character’s backgrounds are well-explained and every one of them is unique. I wasn’t very fond of the main character, Koto, at first, but when the story progressed, I began to like her because she’s not really just the troublemaker that she seems. In fact, she’s the key to bringing the family back together. Kyousougiga has amazing animation and a wonderful story as a whole.

log horizon

Log Horizon (On-going)

Many people compare Log Horizon to Sword Art Online since both of them are based on a MMORPG then drop Log Horizon because they find it boring in comparison. In my opinion, that isn’t fair. The two animes talk about different aspects of a MMORPG and the two games themselves are different. Log Horizon focuses more on governing the players. Though I’m not fond of politics, Log Horizon is more interesting in the sense that it doesn’t turn out to be a harem like SAO. (I’m not saying I don’t like SAO. The first half was awesome.) To those who prefer action, Log Horizon might be less exciting to watch. However, if you’re interested in another side of a MMORPG game, Log Horizon is worth the watch. The anime is only half-way through, so hopefully the second half of the series will be more exciting.

Naji no Asukara

Nagi no Asukara (On-going)

I’ve just finished watching the latest episode today. Nagi no Asukara has the most complicated relationships I’ve seen. To sum it up, it’s Kaname likes Chisaki. Chisaki likes Hikari. Hikari likes Manaka. Manaka likes Tsumugu. If this isn’t enough, add in Miuna likes Hikari and Sayu likes Kaname.

That aside, Nagi no Asukara is one of my favourite animes of Fall 2013. I like how it’s about people of the sea and the people on the surface are starting to get along after being rivals for a long time. To those who haven’t watched this anime, the people of the sea aren’t mermaids. In fact, they look like regular humans and are humans. What’s distinct about them are their bright blue eyes and their Ena, which enables them to breathe underwater. At first, I did not like the main character Hikari due to his bad temper. However, I like how he changed his attitude throughout the anime. He’s now a dependable person who can get along with the people of the sea and the surface. After watching shocking episode 13, I’m looking forward to what Nagi no Asukara will bring in 2014.

So, that’s 2013 in anime. Hopefully I’ll still have enough time to watch and blog about anime next year. There’s still a few more hours to 2014 for me, but Happy New Year to those who are already celebrating the new year!


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Kyousougiga episode 10

<A Manga Movie About People Who Have a Fun, Busy Life!>


Inari talks to Lady Koto about his troubles. He doesn’t understand why he was given his power. Some of Inari’s actions are explained by her, like how he gave young Koto his heart so she could deliver his wish to heaven and that he gave Myoue the prayer beads so he could change darkness into light. Lady Koto advises him to return to his children and tells him that they understand his feelings, especially young Koto.

“I placed a bet, with myself as a wager. So that in the end, I could love myself.” – Inari


Inari assures Lady Koto that he will do his best and turns to leave before a loud shatter is heard. No, it isn’t Inari’s doing, it’s young Koto!

Back to where the previous episode ended, Koto and Myoue end up at Takahamara, the celestial plane. And, surprise, surprise, they meet the three animals that often appear in the family’s house when Myoue was young. What’s shocking is that they announce that they are their grandfather. The siblings’ grandfather tells them that the world has been restored, and the 13th plane has been accepted as the others. He proclaims them to be the ones to take Inari’s place to be the next god. What I like is how Koto agrees readily, like it’s no big deal despite it being such a heavy responsibility. However, what ‘taking Inari’s place’ actually means that the laws of the world will change and Inari will cease to exist. This shocks the siblings and Koto decides not disagree.She claims that there’s no way to be sure that Inari wishes to disappear. This leads to her taking out Raw and wanting to ask her father.

“Sorry, Grandpa. We’re going to visit Dad. We can talk… after that.” -Koto and Myoue

When travelling back, Koto encourages Myoue to live, even though he doesn’t want to. Once they reach their father’s location, Koto attacks Inari with Raw, with Myoue defending him, only to be punched in the face by Koto who tells him to get out of the way (poor Myoue). While Koto confronts Inari about his decision, Myoue restores Lady Koto’s life. Koto reminds Inari what love is, and that he was the one who taught her. Then, she breaks down crying, asking him why he wants to disappear.


Later on, Inari’s father allows him to stay and there’s a happy reunion for the family.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. I’m usually worried when I get to the last episode of an anime. Most of the times, when a series ends, I feel disappointed. On the other hand, Kyousougiga has a wonderful ending. It’s like everyone in the family is finally back and happy. I think that the length of Kyousougiga is just right. Any longer, things will just be draggy. Even though there are only 10 episodes, Kyousougiga manages to provide enough background for the characters so that viewers understand them. Enough character development is done. The last episode manages to wrap up everything nicely and gives me a warm feeling while watching.

Kyousougiga is a story about family and love, and focuses on a very unique and interesting family. I wasn’t very interested in the anime when I first heard about it, but I read many positive reviews about it so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. Accompanied by amazing animation, Kyousougiga teaches viewers to treasure your family members, no matter how weird and different they are. Blood ties aren’t what makes people family. It’s love that brings a family together.

Watch Kyousougiga episode 10 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-10/

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Kyousougiga episode 9

<Let’s Think of a Solution Together>

“If its existence opposes both Shrine and God, how could my master create it in the first place?”  – Koto

This episode starts off with Koto talking about making a compromise. The purpose of Shrine is shown when the head priest explains that their duty is to maintain the balance of parallels as representatives of God. A part of the mystery of Inari is revealed that he has been reincarnated, which might explain the change in his appearance.


One thing I admire about Koto is her courage and confidence to say what she thinks. After hearing what Koto has to say, Inari is proud of his daughter and announces that he is a god, much to nearly everyone’s bewilderment. He explains that when he was created, there was his father, his brother the head priest and himself (the head priest being his brother is very surprising). He says he was in charge of giving life, then talks about how shocked he was that Koto was given life by someone else.


Next comes the confusing part. “Koto, you’re the other me that I was wishing for!” Inari proudly proclaims, then suddenly stabs Koto with his sword. Not only that, he stabs the head priest and makes Lady Koto unconscious when they question his actions. Myoue laments about Inari’s return, saying that he was waiting for him to return yet this is what happens.

“You said that you’d return with the beginning and the end in tow. All you ever bring is the end.” – Myoue

Koto, now under Inari’s control, starts to destroy the Mirror Capital with Raw. While this happens, Myoue complains about the current situation. Kurama tells Myoue his true duty which is to rule the world before leaving his brother. When Myoue walks around, he finds Yase, who tells him that he makes a fine Myoue right before she disappears. He then realises that he cares about the Mirror Capital.


I was wondering about the power of Myoue’s beads, then I finally got my answer. The beads hold Inari’s power of creation. Myoue rushes to find Koto (I was sad when the dog disappeared) and brings her back to normal. He assures her that he won’t let the world end.

“I’m sorry I said you bring the end. Koto… you’re the beginning for me.” – Myoue

There you go, the beginning and the end are here as promised. And… what? It’s the last episode next week? Why are both Kyoukai no Kanata and Kyousougiga ending next week when I’m on holiday and unable to watch the episodes right away? So since next week is the last episode all of Inari’s plans should be revealed (I seriously don’t get you at all, Inari. At least I’m not the only one. It seems like all of the other characters don’t either.) Also, how is Myoue going to save the world? According to the preview, it seems like the family will be reunited in the next episode, and I’m eager to know how. And this time, Inari, you have the last chance to explain everything, so tell us.

Watch Kyousougiga episode 9 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-9/

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Kyousougiga episode 8

<The Big Argument>


While the Mirror Capital is being destroyed, two people from Shrine arrive, one being the head priest. The head priest announces that the Mirror Capital is not supposed to exist. It is not just a picture world. Rather, it is a parallel world secretly created by Inari, unknown to Shrine until now. Since Koto opened a way from the Mirror Capital, space became warped. The head priest explains that the thirteenth parallel, which is the Mirror Capital, is connected to the other twelve parallels. Hence, the other parallels are also being destroyed.

The head priest scolds Inari for not doing his job as an observer. Inari counters by destroying his fox mask, claiming that he knows what’s important to him. Therefore, it can be implied that Inari is not human. Later, the assistant from Shrine is ordered to control the familiars so that they attack Inari. Then, Lady Koto’s body becomes weak. The head priest explains that after Koto’s birth, her mother lost all her powers. Due to this, Lady Koto is no longer real and cannot exist outside the sanctuary,

When Koto is lost and saddened with guilt at the thought that she is the cause of the destruction of the Mirror Capital and her mother’s suffering, Myoue comes to the rescue. I like how Myoue is the one who comforts Koto. He urges her to think about her parents, who are alive. He compares her to himself, saying that his biological parents and siblings are already dead, but she is different.He brings her back to her old self with a punch, which Koto returns. Myoue then encourages her to convince the head priest, assuring her he will support her.

Image“If you don’t help the people of the Mirror Capital and Mom, I’ll break all of the other parallels as well. The Mirror Capital can’t end here. I’ll pull everything else down with it! What do you say, Shrine?” – Koto

To Koto, convincing means threatening, huh. I love everyone’s shocked expressions when they heard her, especially Myoue. He sure didn’t think that Koto would do something like this. Koto’s solution to everything in life: If you can’t have it your way, destroy everything. Even Koto has her badass moments. Way to go, Koto!

Watch Kyousougiga episode 8 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-8-english-subbed/

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Kyousougiga episode 7

<Both Mother and Father Have Returned>

This episode is really heartwarming. It starts off with the return of Lady Koto and her reunion with her children. The happiest people appear to be Yase and Koto. Lady Koto goes on commenting on how her children have all grown up and that Kurama looks his years (I totally agree. Someone tell me why Kurama looks like some old man while his siblings are just young adults.)


I really like the scene of Lady Koto and Yase looking through the things Yase kept. Episode 4, which was about Yase, made me very emotional so I felt really happy for Yase that she was finally reunited with her mother.

Koto finally meeting her mother is the best scene of all to me. I’m really happy for Koto, since she finally got to meet the mother she’s heard about. How touching.

Everything is kind of nice and happy until Koto finally breaks down about how everyone expects things of her but will never answer her questions. It’s true. I feel bad for Koto. She’s just a girl who wants to know the truth about her parents but nobody will tell her. If someone will tell her she won’t have to barge in to the Mirror Capital to find out the truth. Then again if she knew everything, there won’t be an anime about this.

In the end, the Mirror Capital is getting destroyed, just like what happened in Lady Koto’s dream. Later, the characters realise that the cause of the destruction is Inari, the siblings’ father. Again, I want to know more about Inari. Like what happened to him when he left Mirror Capital with Lady Koto, how he became the bearer of the fox mask and its meaning, the birth of Koto, as well as how he became so young (Kyousougiga sure has a lot of weird age issues. Has it got to do with some sort of time-travelling?)

All in all, episode 7 is a good episode. The preview of episode 8 looks really interesting, with the arrival of the people from Shrine. I think it will reveal many things about how the worlds are interconnected, which is something I’m eager to know about.

Watch Kyousougiga episode 7 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-7-english-subbed/

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Kyousougiga episode 6

Kyousougiga is getting more exciting with each episode. In episode 6, my questions about Yakushimaru/Myoue’s addition to the family have been answered. Before this episode, I only knew that Kurama and Yase came from drawings and that Myoue was human, but I didn’t know why. I liked the backstory about Myoue’s past. Also, Kyousougiga sure likes to repeat scenes. In episode 5 and 6, I have witnessed young Myoue stabbing himself way too many times, and I have been winced every time I witnessed it.

ibqtZOL.jpg (1920×1080)

What a thing to say when you suddenly bring a young boy’s corpse home.

I like how this episode covered how Myoue slowly started accepting his new parents, as well as how the siblings interacted when one another in the past. I’ve got another question though. Why is it that grown-up Myoue look so similar to his new father even though they’re not related?

Anyway, when I started watching this anime recently, I watched episode 0 because I thought it was the proper beginning of the anime. Episode 0 made me very interested in Kyousougiga but also very confused about the plot. Characters were showing up out of nowhere and the plot was going very fast. Later on, I found out that episode 0 is actually the OVA. So for those who haven’t watched Kyousougiga yet, just start off with episode 1.

Back to episode 6, it has similarities with episode 0, but some differences too. Has anyone noticed the difference between Lady Koto’s return in the 2 episodes?


This episode also clears up my doubts about Koto’s teacher. So he is actually both Koto’s father and teacher. No wonder they look alike. But I definitely agree with Myoue’s comment that Koto’s father looks too young. He looks more like Koto’s older brother to me. I really want to know more about Koto’s father. He’s a really interesting and mysterious character. I feel that he’s got something more to do with the Mirror Capital. And those red eyes… could he be?

I’m really enjoying Kyousougiga. The animation is awesome, and plot is great and the characters are unique. I’m eagerly looking forward to episode 7!

“Life, what is it but a dream?”