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Noragami Aragoto episode 11


noragami s2 11-1

Reading what happens in the manga before watching it being aired in the anime often makes me judge changes made to the original version. The episode begins with additional drama between Kugaha (yeah, this annoying guy is back even with a severed hand) and Yukine. Kugaha taunts Yukine over how Noras are not actually despised, but feared because they possessed many names. A Regalia needs to know the name of his opponent in order to use a boundary, putting Yukine at a disadvantage. However, he succeeds after Hiyori assures him of Yato’s faith in him.

noragami s2 11-2

noragami s2 11-3

Yato is still trapped in the underworld, and Ebisu asks Bishamon to help save him, before passing out. Yukine is unable to enter the underworld unless he goes as another god’s Regalia, making him a stray. Bishamon steps up and volunteers to save Yato on behalf of Yukine. Even so, rescuing Yato is not an easy task, and Kofuku faces the trouble of keeping the vent open. At the end of the episode, Ebisu awakes and announces a way to save Yato, with Hiyori’s help.

I feel that reading the manga version of this recently makes me slightly less enthusiastic about watching the anime, but that’s not to say that Noragami Aragoto is getting boring.

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 11 at https://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-011


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Noragami Aragoto episode 10

<A Certain Desire>

noragami s2 10-1

This is pretty emotional episode. Hiyori remembers Yato and Yukine after Yukine talks to her when she is on her way back home from school. She finds out that it has been a month since Yato has gone missing.

noragami s2 10-2

Wow. Contrary to what I thought at first, Ebisu is not a bad guy. He didn’t create masked phantoms for his own selfish means, but for the sake of humanity. He wanted to be able to control phantoms so they could stop disrupting the human world, and a locution brush can help him. All the previous Ebisus have died trying to get one, and he hopes to achieve his goal. Unfortunately for him, the heavens have already decided on a capital punishment for him once he has been found.

noragami s2 10-3

It turns out that Tsuyu isn’t a Regalia. It’s cool how she can communicate with trees, and because of that, she finds out where Ebisu is, and that a young god and a girl in white are following him, who Hiyori identifies as Yato and Nora.

noragami s2 10-4noragami s2 10-5

Failing to get out from the sealed exit, Ebisu feels like giving up, since he can reincarnate any time. Yato insists that Ebisu should make his own exit, which he eventually does, with the use of his newly acquired locution brush and the phantoms it can conjure. Unfortunately, in order to protect Ebisu, Yato gets caught by Iwanami, and is dragged back to her lair. At the same time, Hiyori and Yukine arrive at the entrance of the underworld, but are unable to enter it due to the seal.

The plot is heading towards where I stopped in the manga. Noragami Aragoto has 13 episodes, so it would probably end after the Ebisu arc. I can’t believe it’s ending soon after 3 more episodes! ūüė•

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 10 at  https://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-010 

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Noragami Aragoto episode 9

<The Sound of a Thread Snapping>

noragami s2 9-3.pngnoragami s2 9-3

Yato enters the underworld with Nora and finds out that Ebisu is the conjurer. However, Ebisu is unwilling to get out, and insists that he needs to get the locution brush from Iwanami, the so-called queen of the underworld, who is extremely powerful. With that brush, Ebisu would be able to control his masked Phantoms. Apparently, Iwanami takes on the form of a person close to the person looking at her, which is why Yato and Ebisu see different appearances of her. It is quite funny seeing Yato and Ebisu initially bickering over the appearance of Iwanami, between a high school girl or an old woman.

noragami s2 9-4

Iwanami says that in exchange for the locution brush, either Yato or Ebisu will have to stay behind to be her friend. Ebisu tells Yato to stay behind, and a fight breaks out.

noragami s2 9-5

It turns out that this fight is actually part of Ebisu’s plan to distract Iwanami while one of his phantoms steals a locution brush. Enraged, she¬†slowly reveals her true nature. It is surprising to hear Ebisu call Iwanami “Mother” at the end before he leaves. I’m curious to know why he is so keen on controlling masked phantoms. Is¬†he hungry for more power, despite already being a god of fortune, and why?

noragami s2 9-6noragami s2 9-7

Hiyori is already forgetting the existence of Yato and Yukine. She goes on a “triple date” to Capypa Land with her friends. Argh, that ending. I’m so annoyed. I knew that Fujisaki was up to no good since he first appeared in the manga. Anyway, it’s time to catch up with episode 10!

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 9 at https://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-009