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Top 5 Anime Opening Songs

I planned to post this yesterday to welcome the new year with a list of my favourite anime opening songs. However, I didn’t manage to complete it, so I’m posting it today. I always find it interesting when anime fans share their favourite anime opening songs so here are mine!

#5: Kimi ni Todoke

(Kimi ni Todoke OP by Tanizawa Tomofumi)

Despite how I feel that opening songs should be more energetic, Kimi ni Todoke manages to clinch a spot in my top 5 list. That might be a bit strange, but the most important point of an opening song is to reflect the anime it’s about. Kimi ni Todoke, being a shoujo anime, isn’t about action or fighting, so an energetic opening won’t suit it. The title of the song is exactly the same as the anime, so it matches the theme in the anime. The lyrics match the feelings of Sawako and probably Kazehaya as well. It’s a lovely song that gives a calm feeling. The pastel colours of the animation fits the mood of the song too.

#4: Funny Sunny Day

(Katekyo Hitman Reborn OP 7 by SxOxU)

I had some trouble with figuring out the rankings so I got some help from adorable Fuuta from Katekyo Hitman Reborn to help me, so it’s no surprise that an opening song from KHR is in my top 5 list. I might be just a little bit biased and one reason why Funny Sunny Day is chosen is because it’s the only opening with the Tenth Generation all dressed in suits. That’s not the only reason of course. I love how the opening started with the 7 Vongola Boxes vanishing one by one in time with the rhythm of the music. Also, there’s some exciting fighting going on with the Tenth Generation fighting using their new weapons.

#3: Core Pride

(Ao no Exorcist OP 1 by UVERworld)

I like how there’s some jazz in the beginning and the ending of this song which is very rare. The opening starts off with Rin waking up then walking to school. I like how there’s a bit of comedy portrayed there. An opening must be able to show what the anime is about so I like how the elements of Ao no Exorcist is shown in the opening. Later on, things get more serious and a bit depressing so viewers are reminded about what Ao no Exorcist really is about. It’s not just fun and laughter, and Rin doesn’t have an easy life. The lyrics match the anime and Rin’s feelings.

#2: Uragiri no Yuuyake

(Durarara OP 1 by Theatre Brook)

I wasn’t very sure if I’d like Durarara when I first started watching it but once I got to the opening song, my doubts were lifted. In my opinion, energetic openings are the best, and Uragiri no Yuuyake is a great example. It brightens my mood and gets me excited for each episode. When I heard this song, it gave me a very positive feeling that made me believe I would enjoy Durarara, which I did. Most importantly, every second of the animation matches the song perfectly. I like how it starts off with the rotating of the wheels of Celty’s motorcycle accompanied by a catchy beat of the song.

#1: Guren no Yumiya

(Shingeki no Kyojin OP 1 by Linked Horizon)

To me, opening songs are of utmost importance to their respective anime. They provide the mood and atmosphere at the start of each episode, especially in episode 1. Guren no Yumiya really captured my attention. The melody makes me feel energised and the lyrics make me motivated like “Only the will to fight can change our world”. In terms of lyrics, I feel that Guren no Yumiya is the most meaningful opening as it definitely relates to the anime itself. The animation matches the feelings of the song perfectly and gives out the “Let’s defeat the Titans!” feeling. Every time I watch this opening, I feel like jumping up and grabbing my own 3D maneuver gear (unfortunately I don’t own one) to join in the fight.

These are just my opinions. Feel free to share your opinions on what you feel are your top 5 openings with me too!