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Log Horizon episode 9

Episode 9: Round Table Conference

“Today, approximately four hours ago, I purchased the Guild Building’s zone.” -Shiroe

The first half of this episode isn’t very interesting to me because I’m not very fond of watching serious discussions despite its importance. What got my attention was when Shiroe announced that he purchased the Guild Building. It was the point where he captured everyone’s attention. By purchasing the Guild Building, Shiroe could control who enters or leaves the building. This means that adventurers could not create, join or leave a guild. Also, guilds could not access their banks. The nickname ‘Villian in Glasses’ really isn’t merely for show.


I really like seeing the other guild masters’ faces when Shiroe announced this. Shiroe said it so calmly like it’s no big deal while the other guild masters were dumbfounded. It’s just like Shiroe to accomplish the usually impossible.

After that, the new players from Hamelin escape from the guild as part of Shiroe’s plan. However, Tohya and Minori face some difficulties, especially when the guild master could exit from the door. Then comes the best scene of the episode to me: Akatsuki arrives to the rescue! Assassins are awesome, especially those with tracker as a sub-class.

This has to be my favourite scene:


Akatsuki: My Lord? I’m sorry, but I missed one. His name is… Schreider. Just as his name suggests, his face looks like its been through a shredder.

Nice one, Akatsuki, nice one. You have proven your place as my favourite character.

 To sum up my thoughts on this episode, the second half really made it entertaining. Seeing Schreider get beaten up was great. Looks like the shredder guy finally got a taste of his own medicine. But it’s probably just the beginning of his punishment.

Watch Log Horizon episode 9 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-9-english-subbed/


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Kyousougiga episode 7

<Both Mother and Father Have Returned>

This episode is really heartwarming. It starts off with the return of Lady Koto and her reunion with her children. The happiest people appear to be Yase and Koto. Lady Koto goes on commenting on how her children have all grown up and that Kurama looks his years (I totally agree. Someone tell me why Kurama looks like some old man while his siblings are just young adults.)


I really like the scene of Lady Koto and Yase looking through the things Yase kept. Episode 4, which was about Yase, made me very emotional so I felt really happy for Yase that she was finally reunited with her mother.

Koto finally meeting her mother is the best scene of all to me. I’m really happy for Koto, since she finally got to meet the mother she’s heard about. How touching.

Everything is kind of nice and happy until Koto finally breaks down about how everyone expects things of her but will never answer her questions. It’s true. I feel bad for Koto. She’s just a girl who wants to know the truth about her parents but nobody will tell her. If someone will tell her she won’t have to barge in to the Mirror Capital to find out the truth. Then again if she knew everything, there won’t be an anime about this.

In the end, the Mirror Capital is getting destroyed, just like what happened in Lady Koto’s dream. Later, the characters realise that the cause of the destruction is Inari, the siblings’ father. Again, I want to know more about Inari. Like what happened to him when he left Mirror Capital with Lady Koto, how he became the bearer of the fox mask and its meaning, the birth of Koto, as well as how he became so young (Kyousougiga sure has a lot of weird age issues. Has it got to do with some sort of time-travelling?)

All in all, episode 7 is a good episode. The preview of episode 8 looks really interesting, with the arrival of the people from Shrine. I think it will reveal many things about how the worlds are interconnected, which is something I’m eager to know about.

Watch Kyousougiga episode 7 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-7-english-subbed/

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Kyoukai no Kanata episode 9

“This is merely based on my personal deductions. You do not have to listen to me; I cannot make you do this. However, I am going to say this because I believe it is for the best. Kuriyama-san, the moment you find Akihito-kun, kill him.”

-Nase Izumi

This episode starts with plenty of action. First, there’s Hiromi and Mitsuki defeating a youmu together (I bet Hiromi was extremely happy about that). Next, there’s Izumi and Fujima’s fight which was really cool. However, their fight was interrupted by Akihito’s consciousness.

It’s saddening how Mirai is told to kill Akihito once she finds him. The Calm has distrupted Akihito’s balance between his human and youmu sides, leaving him very vulnerable. If the Calm ends with Akihito in this condition, his youmu side will suppress his human side. Therefore, Akihito will no longer be a half-youmu, but an actual youmu. Mirai is comforted by Sakura, again showing how Sakura really cares for Mirai.

Mirai isn’t the only one uneasy about the plan. Mitsuki and Hiromi are the same. Later, Hiromi confronts his older sister about how she’s manipulating Mirai into killing Akihito, and that he suspects her of making a frozen barrier to weaken Akihito’s human half. I agree with his point. In fact Izumi did make some sort of barrier when Akihito was on the train. I really wonder what her goals are, and who she always reports to. She claims that she’s doing everything for the Nase family, but there’s definitely something else she still isn’t telling.

“If this is what was waiting for me, I wish I had never met Senpai.”

I bet it really pains Mirai to say that. She’s put in the worst position in this episode.

When Hiromi breaks through the barrier and enters the room his sister locked, he finds out the truth about why Izumi wanted Akihito to be killed. It turns out that the actual key to  Kyoukai no Kanata is a powerful youmu and Akihito fits that description. Hence, Akihito might bring the world to destruction. Fujima enters and steals the Hollow Shadow’s youmu stone. (Man, that guy just has to come huh?)

As for the end of the episode, Mirai takes off her glasses before attacking Akihito. I feel that she can’t bear to kill Akihito so she doesn’t want to be able to see him clearly.

This image sums up everything about how I feel about this episode. In the preview, Izumi mentions Akihito passing away. My house will be flooding with my tears next week if that’s true.


Kimi ni Todoke

After a great deal of procrastination, I finally watched and finished Kimi ni Todoke. I now understand why so many people like this anime. In the beginning, I felt that the pace was too slow, so I stopped after a few episodes. But it was just me, since I was more into fast-paced animes at the time. But after taking a break from dark, confusing storylines to watching Kimi ni Todoke, I started to like it.

Kimi ni Todoke is unlike other shoujo animes. The main character, Kuronuma Sawako, stood out among other main shoujo characters. Sawako’s background was interesting, like how she got her nickname “Sadako” when one of her kindergarten classmates accidentally called her that. Since then, all her schoolmates have been calling her that, with rumours spreading that “Sadako” could see ghosts and many more.

The story is about how Sawako’s life changed when she met Kazehaya Shouta on her way to school for the entrance ceremony. Later, they became classmates. To her delight, Sawako made friends but at first she wasn’t sure if it was counted as friendship since she had been alone for a long time. Rumours began to spread about Sawako and her friends. Her friends, Yoshida Chizuru and Yano Ayane misheard a conversation and thought that Sawako didn’t want to be their friend. However, after being encouraged by Kazehaya, Sawako had the courage to confront the people who were spreading rumours. Chizuru and Ayane came up to protect her from the bullies, then their friendship was confirmed.

After that, the story was focused on Sawako and Kazehaya’s feelings towards each other (It’s cute how they keep blushing awww). A new rival named Kurumi arrived, I hated Kurumi when I first saw her since she seemed to be causing a lot of trouble for Sawako (I always support the main characters!) Sawako, on the other hand, always thought that they were friends. My favourite scene of all in Kimi ni Todoke has to be when Kurumi got rejected by Pin, who she didn’t even like in the first place, and the conversation was overheard by Kazehaya (much to Kurumi’s embarrassment when Kazehaya told her he wouldn’t tell anyone). Poor Kurumi. I really pitied her that time. It’s the worst situation you can ever be in.

Chizuru is my favourite character. She’s known for being a delinquent back in her middle school, but she’s not as mean as everyone thought. In fact, she can be a big crybaby at times. The funniest thing about her is how dense she is. As for Ayane, she’s like a big sister to Sawako and Chizuru. She’s the one who understands Sawako and Chizuru’s feelings. They add to the fun and comedy of Kimi ni Todoke.

I think that Sawako and Kazehaya make a cute couple. I’m also looking forward to seeing Chizuru and Ryu get together. They make a very interesting couple!

I’ll start with Season 2 soon. And to those who like sweet, school life romance animes, Kimi ni Todoke is one you shouldn’t miss!

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Kyousougiga episode 6

Kyousougiga is getting more exciting with each episode. In episode 6, my questions about Yakushimaru/Myoue’s addition to the family have been answered. Before this episode, I only knew that Kurama and Yase came from drawings and that Myoue was human, but I didn’t know why. I liked the backstory about Myoue’s past. Also, Kyousougiga sure likes to repeat scenes. In episode 5 and 6, I have witnessed young Myoue stabbing himself way too many times, and I have been winced every time I witnessed it.

ibqtZOL.jpg (1920×1080)

What a thing to say when you suddenly bring a young boy’s corpse home.

I like how this episode covered how Myoue slowly started accepting his new parents, as well as how the siblings interacted when one another in the past. I’ve got another question though. Why is it that grown-up Myoue look so similar to his new father even though they’re not related?

Anyway, when I started watching this anime recently, I watched episode 0 because I thought it was the proper beginning of the anime. Episode 0 made me very interested in Kyousougiga but also very confused about the plot. Characters were showing up out of nowhere and the plot was going very fast. Later on, I found out that episode 0 is actually the OVA. So for those who haven’t watched Kyousougiga yet, just start off with episode 1.

Back to episode 6, it has similarities with episode 0, but some differences too. Has anyone noticed the difference between Lady Koto’s return in the 2 episodes?


This episode also clears up my doubts about Koto’s teacher. So he is actually both Koto’s father and teacher. No wonder they look alike. But I definitely agree with Myoue’s comment that Koto’s father looks too young. He looks more like Koto’s older brother to me. I really want to know more about Koto’s father. He’s a really interesting and mysterious character. I feel that he’s got something more to do with the Mirror Capital. And those red eyes… could he be?

I’m really enjoying Kyousougiga. The animation is awesome, and plot is great and the characters are unique. I’m eagerly looking forward to episode 7!

“Life, what is it but a dream?”

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Log Horizon episode 8

Episode 8: Villian in Glasses

This episode is mostly about negotiations between Crescent Moon Alliance with other guilds to get more ingredients and investments for the operation. In other words, it’s part two of Shiroe’s plans. I really like how Shiroe’s plan is being revealed. In this episode, more guilds are getting into the picture, so there are more people getting involved with the operation to improve Akihabara.

The episode started off with Marielle and Henrietta discussing about the purchase of ingredients from Karashin, guild master of Shopping Street 8. Later on, the same offer was extended to the Marine Agency and Roderic Merchant Guild. Marielle and Henrietta revealed that Shiroe was the man in charge of their operation. This caught the attention of the three guild masters. Shiroe was apparently famously known as the “Villian in Glasses”. Henrietta requested 5 million gold from the three guild masters, who thought that this was for a new quest made during the expansion of the Novasphere Pioneers. Since the three guilds were all eyeing the possible profits of the operation, they each agreed to contribute 1.5 million gold.

This episode also talked about what happened to the twins, Minori and Tohya, when they first arrived at the world of Elder Tale. Shiroe contacted Minori to inform her that the next part of his plan would take place the next day.

This episode isn’t exactly exciting. That’s not a bad thing. I would say it’s just preparing viewers for what’s really going to happen. It’s like a small but important step in the operation. What I did like was the part during the negotiations when the characters’ thoughts are shown (especially Henrietta’s like in the picture above). It made the negotiations more interesting. Getting to see Crescent Moon Alliance being slightly cunning about the operation is a nice change. Also, all of the guild masters that appeared in this episode seem to be really interested in Shiroe. I really wonder how the Tea Party was like! I hope more will be revealed about this legendary party.

The next episode involves a conference with many guilds. I’m looking forward to part three of Shiroe’s plans next week! Hopefully everything will go smoothly and the twins can be saved.

Watch Log Horizon episode 8 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-8-english-subbed/

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Kyoukai no Kanata episode 8

I planned to write about Kyoukai no Kanata only when I finished the series, but this week’s episode became so exciting that I have to write about it now.

The episode started off about the warning of the Calm. To the Spirit Warriors, it was good news, since it was a period when youmu are weaker. This meant that they can defeat more youmu. However, to youmu like Ayaka and Ai, it was a period when they had to be very careful. Since Akihito was a half-youmu, he was in the most vulnerable position compared to everyone else.

Episode 8 covered many topics, ranging from the mysterious Nase Izumi’s actions to Akihito’s past. As for Nase Izumi, I’m really curious about her. Being the eldest of the Nase siblings, Izumi definitely knows a lot of information that she’s hiding from everyone else. I think that it’s mostly about the dangerous kind of youmu known as “Kyoukai no Kanata” (that’s probably what the title is talking about). From what’s been shown in episode 8, more about this youmu should be revealed in the next few episodes.

Kyoukai no Kanata

What I find the most interesting is how Sakura encouraged Mirai to stay with Akihito. Looking at the nearly always stoic Sakura after losing her will for revenge, I didn’t expect her to say that. However, it is nice to know that Sakura really does care for Mirai. It’s just that the nosy guy from the Society had to persuade her into trying to kill Mirai.

So, Sakura, I like you for supporting Akihito X Mirai! I don’t usually ship characters but they’re such a cute couple. And them being together seems to be confirmed in the ending song. Mirai, you like Akihito! Admit it!

Near the end of the episode, Ayaka confronts Fijimu Miroku from the Society to prevent him from getting to Akihito. I thought it was really cool when Ayaka transformed into her youmu form. She was really strong! It scared me for a while when she was nearly defeated but I’m glad that Nase Izumi came just in time.

The preview for the next episode is really thrilling! Akihito, being vulnerable during the Calm, has changed into his youmu form. Mirai is forced to be in a position where she has to kill Akihito but obviously wishes she doesn’t have to. This anime just keeps getting better and better! I’m looking forward to episode 9.

Watch Kyoukai no Kanata episode 8 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyoukai-no-kanata-episode-8-english-subbed/