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Noragami episode 12


<A Scrap of a Memory>

To think that Noragami would end so fast… With the tense battle, the horrifying moment when Rabo destroyed Hiyori’s memories and the touching resolution, episode 12 has made me so emotional.

noragami 12-1

The trio are transported to where Rabo and Nora are. A battle breaks out between Yato and Rabo to get Hiyori’s memories back. It’s heart-wrenching seeing Yato struggling to beat Rabo, with the difference in their strengths being so apparent. After realising that Hiyori is Yato’s weakness, he broke the ball containing her memories. Then it’s a tragic moment for Yato and Yukine when Hiyori passed out. The disappearance of her memories took her life.

noragami 12-2

It’s that epic moment when the hero silences the opponent with a simple sentence.  Yato slashes at Rabo, shocking him. His anger and grief have given him strength, awakening the god of calamity he was in the past. The next part of the battle was more intense, especially after Rabo merges with the Phantoms in the Storm.

“You come to me. I’ll hack that grin off your face.” – Yato

noragami 12-3

Hiyori waking up was the most emotional moment. Yato and Yukine were tearing up and so did I. Besides, who else was more focused on the Yato X Hiyori scenes than anything else in this episode? Yato fighting to get her memories back, Hiyori getting Yato out of the bubble he was trapped in, and Yato protecting her from the impact of the falling rocks.

noragami 12-4

This marks the defeat of Rabo. He talks about how he was waiting to be killed by Yato, one who knows him, before passing away.

noragami 12-5

noragami 12-6

noragami 12-7

The ship is sailing. Hiyori’s words seem like an indirect confession despite her denying it later. I love Kofuku and Daikoku’s reactions. And as for Yato, he’s blushing!!!

“Your wish has been heard loud and clear! Iki Hiyori. May our fates intertwine!”

noragami 12-8

noragami 12-9

That smile in the end. He’s so cute…

Did anyone else’s heart break when the credits appeared and the ending song started? The flashbacks made me feel even worse. Noragami ended! Suddenly it was like the end of the world. Yes, I know it sounds very exaggerated. However, especially when the “Play Again” sign appeared, I felt so lost and empty. I have nothing to look forward every Monday anymore. (It airs on Sunday but I only get to watch it on Monday due to the difference in timings.) I can’t see Yato anymore. There’s the manga, but who knows how long it will take to update?

Final Thoughts:

I’ll write a longer review for Noragami as a whole in the future. To sum up, here’s what I feel about Noragami. It’s never once disappointed me or made me bored. BONES’ animation is awesome which makes the anime really attractive. The opening and ending songs are great. Most importantly, the plot is exactly the way I like it. There aren’t any sudden skips in the plot that can make the anime confusing. There’s enough character development. There are many hilarious moments for someone who loves comedy like me. On the other hand, there are serious moments which balance the mood of the anime. There are times when I laugh really hard, but there are also times where I cry. To me, that’s what makes Noragami a wonderful anime.

Hopefully, when the manga is more developed, Noragami will get a second season. Please grant my wish, Yato. In the meantime, I’ll just have to wait for the next chapter of the manga.

Watch Noragami episode 12 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-12/


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2 thoughts on “Noragami episode 12

  1. I really enjoyed the reviews that you’ve written for Noragami, though you’ll be happy to know, if you haven’t already heard yet, that Noragami will finally get a second season.

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