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Log Horizon episode 19

<Chasing After Them>

Finally, I get to see the action I’ve been missing during the recent episodes. Finally, it’s not just talk and planning. Finally, it’s a major battle. It’s the start of the battle of the adventurers against the goblins.

log 19-1

While Crusty leads the adventurers into the battle against the goblins, Shiroe explains the strategy for the battle. Since the goblins might flee in all directions when attacked, the adventurers have to surround them so that the goblins do not attack the nearby villages, leading them to a single point. However, they must also protect Choushi to prevent their encirclement from being broken. I really like how the plan is explained using the “map”.

log 19-2

Over to Choushi, thousands of enemies are approaching. Although Marielle initially did not want to let the younger adventurers to do anything reckless, she agrees to their request of attacking the sahuagin, which turn out to be the fish monsters that appeared a few episodes ago.

log 19-3

The young adventurers are doing well, with signs of improvement from the main group. Tohya has become stronger, Serara has learned offensive attacks, Rudy and Isuzu back each other up very well and as for Minori…

log 19-4

log 19-5

Minori’s group rushes in to attack the goblins, but things do not go smoothly once the rain starts. With the reinforcements coming in only after an hour, the young adventurers are not able to handle the newly arrived dire wolves as well as the goblins. Tohya’s MP is decreasing at a rapid rate, while Serara’s healing is not fast enough. This proceeds with a moment of Minori panicking until Rudy suddenly runs towards the dire wolves, assuring the rest of the group that he can handle them. Rudy defeats the wolves, but he is not breathing when the rest of the group find him later. Serara and Minori attempt to revive him with their spells but they could not work. That is when Isuzu reveals Rudy’s secret.

log 19-6

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Rudy really is one of the People of the Land! *does a victory dance to congratulate self for guessing it right before slapping self to return to the atmosphere of the moment* There is a flashback to back when Isuzu was unable to add Rudy to her friend list. Rudy admitted that he was one of the People of the Land, but asked Isuzu to keep it secret from the others.

log 19-7

It is really sad to know that Rudy cannot be revived since he is not an adventurer. I feel really bad for Isuzu, who has become great friends with Rudy recently. With him dead, the golden retriever is gone and she can’t work with him during battles anymore. However, Minori tells her party that there is still hope which lies in Shiroe. I really want to know the reason why Rudy wanted to be an adventurer so desperately. There must be a reason why he decided to throw away his life as one of the People of the Land and live as an adventurer. What was his past like? Also, judging by the preview, it seems like Shiroe is able to revive Rudy. How does he do that? The next episode seems to be very interesting.

One thing I would like to mention is that Log Horizon would be so much better if the animation was of better quality. It has been on my mind these few weeks since the other anime I’ve been watching and reviewing all have better animation than Log Horizon. I enjoyed the fighting scenes in this episode, but it seemed to lack something. To me, it lies in clearer animation and the use of brighter colours. Most of the time, Log Horizon appears to be very dull. I know that the battle is happening at night, but that should make the attacks more obvious and eye-catching. Compared to other fighting scenes I have watched in other anime, Log Horizon does not really catch my attention that much. That is the downside of Log Horizon in my opinion.

Watch Log Horizon episode 19 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-19-english-subbed/



Log Horizon episode 18

<Expeditionary Force>

log 18-1

Log Horizon has been so serious in the recent episodes, so the scene with the West Wind Brigade members fawning over Soujirou was pretty hilarious. I like how they were jealous that Soujirou was being surrounded by girls from the land. I found the remark about Princess Lenessia’s dressing a bit like a cosplay odd. It’s not like the rest of the people dress very ‘normally’. Or maybe it’s just because her dress is more fancy in comparison.

log 18-1

“Take a peek and be sent to the cathedral” is a pretty amusing way to threaten people Elder Tale-style.

log 18-3

Back to the focus of the episode, Princess Lenessia has stepped up to address the adventurers from Akihabara. Charmed by the princess, all of the adventurers have agreed to fight for Eastal. The troops are all on their way to attack the goblins.

I like how this episode shows more of Princess Lenessia’s character development. Even when in an unfamiliar land and in uncomfortable clothes, she still manages to give a speech to thousands of adventurers. I admire her courage to do that.

I’m looking forward to the battle against the goblins. Finally, there’s a full scale battle going on. Just like how the adventurers are so keen on this huge event, I’m eager for some action. I might not detest the amount of discussions and talking, but enough is enough. Let’s see some more action! Also, seeing Isuzu’s worried face as Rudy comments about being an adventurer and judging by the preview, perhaps it’s time to reveal Rudy’s secret. I hope Log Horizon doesn’t drag it any further. Come on, throw out something unexpected in the next episode!

Watch Log Horizon at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-18-english-subbed/


Log Horizon episode 17

<A Lazy, Cowardly Princess>

log 17-1

The older adventurers have agreed to Minori’s plan to attack the goblins. Meanwhile, the nobles of Elder Tale are holding a secret conference separate from the Round Table representatives. Shiroe feels that they are planning to ask the Izumo Knights for help. However, no one is sure of their whereabouts and it is as if they have vanished into thin air.

log 17-2

With Minori as a lookout, the young adventurers attack the first batch of goblins successfully with their great teamwork. We can see their improvement from their previous battles. The magic lens Naotsugu lent to Minori are really cool. They allow her to see very clearly in the dark. (I want one of those!)

log 17-3

Over to the castle, the nobles have turned to the adventurers for help. However, they are still wary of the adventurers, so they are secretly trying to gather information about them. Shiroe plans to do the same. He asks them about the whereabouts of the Izumo Knights, only to be met with nervous looks and a suggestion that the adventurers should fight instead. This breaks into an argument between the two parties on whose duty it is to protect the land. Michitaka shocks everyone by slamming the table with his fist, claiming that the adventurers are not part of the Freedom Cities.  (That is one big dent, by the way. That teaches us to never mess with Michitaka.) This stuns the nobles, rendering them speechless.

log 17-4

“We don’t have the right to take advantage of our weakness and use them as tools!” – Princess Lenessia

That’s not all. Princess Lenessia arrives suddenly, announcing that she is going to Akihabara and requests Crusty to accompany her. Much to the nobles’ dismay, the princess reveals their secret that the Knights of Izumo are missing. She argues that it is wrong to push everything to the adventurers. Princess Lenessia adds that she wishes to go to Akihabara to personally gather adventurer volunteers.

“She might be the one who saves the Freedom Cities of Eastel from the dead end in which they find themselves.”

log 17-5

I really admire Princess Lenessia in this episode. When she was just introduced, she was portrayed as a lazy princess who reminds Crusty of his little sister. It was like she was only interested in living a comfortable life. However, in this episode, she was brave enough to stand up against the nobles to tell them her thoughts. She took a huge step to changing what others thought about her. She’s not someone who will hide away from the politics of her country anymore. Emphasising on respect, Princess Lenessia wants both parties to understand what is necessary. Hiding the truth will not help anyone. Pushing the blame is useless. If people are going to fight against the goblins, they should be willing to do so, not forced. I respect her decision to face the problem herself. The princess has proven that she is no longer just a lazy, cowardly princess.

Princess Lenessia persuading the adventurers in the next episode will be interesting. I’m eager to see how she’s planning to do that. According to what she told Crusty, she doesn’t have a plan. However, with her strong resolve, she should be able to figure something out. I support you, Princess Lenessia!

Watch Log Horizon episode 17 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-17-english-subbed/


Log Horizon episode 16

<Return of the Goblin King>


Thousands of demi-humans are out and attacking the adventurers, due to the Goblin King’s return. Ever since the Apocalypse, the adventurers have been busy raising their levels and making the world livable for themselves that they never accepted any requests from the People of the Land. Hence, the goblins have become stronger.

ImagePrincess Lenessia’s father makes an appearance and announces that he is going to Maihama, while Princess Lenessia should stay in the palace with her grandfather. Back to the adventurers, an army of goblins is making its way to Chouchi. Rundel Haus suggests that they go there to protect the people. Meanwhile, the West Wind Brigade is asked to help out with the defence of the palace.


Shiroe explains that when adventurers die in the world of Elder Tale, they will lose some of their memories. Crusty speaks up and tells them that it could be true. Since the Apocalypse, he has died twice in training. Due to that, he lost a few minor memories. This proves that deaths in Elder Tale removes some memories the adventurers have of the real world.

“Do you need a reason? Is helping them without one wrong? If you want to help someone, isn’t that enough?” – Tohya


The young adventurers rush to Chouchi to find the entrance in ruins. Minori announces her plan: to drop their initial plan of protecting the city to attack the goblins.

I must say, I admire the young adventurer’s courage and determination to protect Chouchi, especially Tohya with his quote as shown above. I’m a bit similar to Isuzu, afraid of taking risks and worrying that they are trying to achieve the impossible. Minori being used to speaking up and addressing a group is a nice change. Great character development there. It’s good that she’s taking charge. Her plan isn’t that impressive and grand as she puts it though. It’s a bit of common sense battlewise. If you don’t want to defend, you should attack. However, saying something is much easier than actually doing it. From Minori’s tone and expression, she means it and she believes they can do it. Will there be a victorious battle in the next episode?

On a side note, episode 16 did not address the mystery of Rundel Haus. I’m very sure he’s not an adventurer. He should be one of the People of the Land. It could be the reason why he was so determined to protect Chouchi and was the first to suggest that.

Judging by the preview, it looks like Princess Lenessia is making an important request in the next episode. She seems to be saddened by the fact that her father is leaving Maihama without her. Most likely, she plans to go there as well, despite her father’s refusal. Episode 17 should finish up the preparations of the battle against the goblins. Knowing the style of Log Horizon, the episode should end with the beginning of the battle.

Watch Log Horizon episode 16 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-16/

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Log Horizon episode 15

Episode 15: Attack

Minori suggests to her group that it is better to enter the dungeons in the afternoon. She explains that the morning can be spent getting to know one another’s attacks better. (I’m glad you finally spoke up, Minori!) Although Rundel Haus is quite reluctant at first, he realises that Minori is right and apologises for his lack of understanding. It’s nice to know that from now on, Rudy (I’m going to call him that now since he’s more likeable now) will not be as stubborn and annoying like before.

Together, the young adventurers discuss the formation. Tohya draws the enemy’s attention and absorbs all the hits. Serara is the healer. Minori is the field monitor who announces if reinforcements are coming. With the enemies, the skeletons, having their attention on Tohya, Isuzu and Rudy attack them.

log 15-1

Over to the Round Table representatives, Shiroe is seen making a map. When Henrietta comments that he looks tired, he pretends that it is due to the dance. However, it is actually because he is worried about what he learned from Mage Regan. Back to Minori’s group, their plan succeeds. That night, Minori contacts Shiroe and reports about their success. When talking about Rudy, she describes him as ‘handsome, stupid and lame”. (What a funny description) The next day, Princess Lenessia looks cross with Crusty, but it seems like she secretly enjoys his company.

Back to the young adventurers, Isuzu and Rudy are seen together, first with Isuzu playing an instrument. While talking to Rudy, she understands why she doesn’t get nervous when she’s with Rudy, the reason being…

log 15-2

log 15-3

Well, Miss Isuzu, Rudy won’t be very happy if he knows this, but it’s hilarious to me.

log 15-4

The two of them find out that they have one thing in common – both of them like eating hot pollock roe sandwiches. When Isuzu suggests to add Rudy on her Friend List so they can contact each other in the future, Rudy looks a bit nervous. Isuzu fails to add Rudy on her Friend List even though she tried twice. At first, I thought that there was something wrong in the Elder Tale system, that it was one of the problems that occurred after the Apocalypse. However, that would be strange since it was never mentioned until now. After seeing Rudy’s reaction to this, he seems a bit guilty, as if he has been hiding something for a long time. This got me thinking – could it be that Rudy isn’t an adventurer? Perhaps he’s one of the People of the Land who’s sent to be a spy?

log 15-5

Look out, it’s the attack of the walking fish! Or the fish warriors or whatever you prefer to call them. I personally thought that the scene of a whole army of them jumping out of the ocean was quite cool. Being attacked by them is a different story. How will the adventurers deal with them?

To sum it up, we finally get to know the reason behind the strange sighting from the ocean. Will the adventurers be able to defeat them? Hopefully they can get reinforcements as soon as possible, but things don’t seem very well for them right now. As for Rudy, whatever his secret is, I’m really interested in knowing what it is. Do leave a comment and let me know what you think might be his secret!

Watch Log Horizon episode 15 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-15/


What I’m Watching this Season: First Impressions

It seems like I’ve picked up more new anime than I initially planned to. Here are my thoughts on the Winter 2014 and continuing Fall 2013 anime that I’m watching, based on the first episodes aired this year. For Noragami and Log Horizon, I’ve already posted my actual reviews so only a summary of my thoughts are shown here.

Definitely watching:


Episode 1: A Housecat, a Stray God, and a Tail


With the awesome animation, interesting plot and likable characters, Noragami has a very strong start. Hopefully the rest of the series will be as remarkable as the first episode.

Log Horizon (Fall 2013)

Episode 14: World Fraction


I like how this episode explains the connection between Elder Tale and the real world. The arrival of the adventurers have created a huge impact on the world of Elder Tale without them knowing. The tiny pieces of the huge puzzle of Elder Tale are starting to come together.

Nagi no Asukara (Fall 2013)

Episode 14: The Promised Day

nagi no asukara 14

In the beginning, I felt that it was strange how Chisaki looked different, especially her hairstyle. Then it got to the opening song and when I saw Miuna and Sayu, I was really surprised. They look so grownup now, plus they’re wearing middle school uniforms. The five-year time skip reminds me of what happened in Fairy Tail after the incident at Tenroujima, except that it was a seven-year time skip for them.

I never really thought about the shipping for Nagi no Asukara, but watching episode 14, I feel that Tsumugu x Chisaki is awesome. They understand each other very well. Even before the incident five years ago, Tsumugu was the one Chisaki chose to confide in. Chisaki might still like Hikari, but it seems like Tsumugu likes her now.


Tonari no Seki-kun 

Episode 1: Dominoes


I feel that each episode will be quite similar, with only a difference in Seki’s antics. To be frank, I’m not fond of hearing Yokoi freaking out and screaming for around 5 minutes. (Okay, it might be less than that but it irritates me too much) I like the opening and ending songs though. The part about the manga is interesting and that pencil-drumming is awesome! (I should pick up drumming one day instead of merely drumming my fingers on the table everyday) Back to my point, Tonari no Seki-kun will be staying on my “Maybe” list for now.

Hamatora the Animation

Episode 1: Egg of Columbus


I was interested in why some people commented on how Hamatora was trying to be similar to Durarara and K, so I watched the first episode to see what it’s like for myself. Indeed, the pictures of an online chat messenger and talk about a serial killer are very Durarara-like. That part is okay for me and I don’t mind the Durarara similarity. What I mind is the animation. There’s an over-use of bright colours. Perhaps the animators wanted to make it look like K  but couldn’t make it work. K strikes a good balance between the colours used and has the best animation I’ve seen so far. On the other hand,  nearly everything in Hamatora is brightly coloured. It’s too striking. That aside, the plot itself is not bad.

Planning to watch:



The first episode of Nisekoi isn’t aired yet, but the synopsis looks interesting so I’m planning to watch it. A full review for Nisekoi episode 1 will be posted soon.

Synopsis (adapted from My Anime List)

Raku Ichijou is an average high school student who also happens to be the sole heir to the head of a Yakuza Family called the Shuei-gumi. Ten years ago, Raku made a secret promise with a girl he met. They promised one another that they will “get married when they reunite”. Since then, Raku never let go of the pendant the girl gave him. One day, a beautiful girl named Chitoge Kirisaki transfers into Raku’s class. There was not a moment where they were not fighting. But by a weird turn of events, Raku and Chitoge agree to become fake lovers.

So, these are my thoughts on the first episodes of the anime I’m watching this season.


Log Horizon episode 14

Episode 14: World Fraction


Shiroe and Akatsuki learn that the magic in Elder Tale are divided into classes, namely action-class, combat-class, operation-class, tactical-class, strategic-class, national defence-class, continent-class and lastly world-class. Division by scale considers magic from a phenomenological perspective or in conjunction with its intended objective. The Sage of Miral Lake, Regan, explains that he researches on world-class magic, which is a spell capable of controlling the laws, the fate, or the very existence of an entire world. That is the World Fraction, also known as the Apocalypse to the adventurers.

ImageThe World Fraction has been used three times. The first one was used by the alvs and this brought about the birth of the demi-humans. Due to this, humanity had to fight endless battles with the demi-humans who could be reincarnated.


What really caught my attention was the second World Fraction. That was when the adventurers arrived in Elder Tale. When Shiroe asks Regan why he chooses to talk to him, Regan replies that Shiroe is an archmage. Akatsuki’s exchange with Shiroe during Regan’s explanation is amusing, especially when Regan mentions that Shiroe’s name has been in their history books since ninty-eight years ago.

ImageShiroe then remembers that in the Elder Tale game, one day in the world equals to two hours in the real world. Ninety-eight years ago in the Elder Tale world is eight years and a few months in the real world. That’s when Shiroe started playing Elder Tale. As for two hundred and forty years ago, that is twenty years in the real world. That means that the first adventurers are the players of the beta version of Elder Tale. This is all so interesting! It shows how the history of Elder Tale is connected with the adventurers in the game. The epicness of Log Horizon has truly begun!


The second half of the episode is more serious. Shiroe tells Akatsuki that from what Regan has told them, it means that if the adventurers die, they’ll lose their memories of the real world and their experience points in the game. Over to the young adventurers, Minori has finally, finally decided to gather her courage and discuss her plans with her group. However, right after she finishes her first sentence, the episode ends! And here I thought she would finally tell them everything in this episode.

My Thoughts:

Wow, that was one awesome episode! Who would think that a history of a game world could be so interesting? Too bad real life modern history isn’t like this. (On a side note, I love ancient history.) I like how this episode explains how the players and the game characters are connected. The tiny pieces of the huge Elder Tale puzzle are starting to come together. It’s cool how the adventurers play such an important role in the world of Elder Tale, especially Shiroe. Knowing that your name with a title of an archmage is in a history book isn’t something you find out everyday!

There are some Shiroe and Akatsuki moments in this episode, and hopefully there’ll be more soon. I do hope they keep the pacing of that the way it is. If the romance comes too suddenly, it won’t be good for the anime. It’ll be like the focus of Log Horizon will become romance instead of figuring out the secrets of Elder Tale.

Judging from the preview, it’s safe to assume that yes, this time Minori really is going to tell the rest of the group everything. I’ve been waiting, Minori. You sure took your time. Now please say it so we can continue with whatever happens with your group and so that everything will work out or at least improve the situation. I seriously just want to get on with it so I can finally watch some action instead of Rundel Haus’ showing off and flirting. Hopefully things will work out well for the young adventurers in the next episode.

Watch Log Horizon episode 14 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-14/