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Noragami episode 11

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<Abandoned God>


Episode 11 is so emotional. All those feels… Contrary to what I thought in the previous episode, Hiyori has only forgotten about Yato. One thing I was really curious about throughout the episode was how Hiyori could remember Yukine but not Yato. Yukine was Yato’s Regalia, so it was strange how Hiyori could remember a Regalia but not his master. Of course, that was clarified later when Nora explained that she removed Hiyori’s memories of Yato.


Someone’s blushing! But really, it’s super sad for Yato. All this time, he’s been lonely and always being forgotten by humans even though he’s a god. Hiyori’s the only human who truly knows of his existence. However, now that Hiyori has forgotten about him, it’s really saddening for him. It’s back to square one for him. I was reading the manga a few days ago, when Hiyori made a mini shrine for Yato. It was super touching, especially when Kofuku explained that for a god, having a shrine built for you meant was a proof of people’s emotions, as a sign of thanks. In contrast, being forgotten by humans can erase the existence of a god, because gods are created from humans’ wishes.


I see Yato X Hiyori! I ship them! I ship them! That aside, it was heart-rending to see how hurt Yato was after knowing that Hiyori really forgot about him.

noragami 11-4

Nora is currently serving as Rabo’s Regalia. One of the things I liked about this episode was how there were fighting scenes, a bit at the start regarding Yato and Rabo’s past, then some on their present battle. Nora proves to be extremely strong, with Yukine’s strength paling in contrast. For some reason, Rabo keeps mentioning how Yato was not as strong as in the past, and tries to hypnotise him to remember. Nora and Rabo are ganging up against Yato and Yukine to get him to “go back with them”.


When I was watching the start of this episode, I thought that the fight involving Yato and Rabo in the past was about them fighting each other. However, it was later revealed that the two of them were once partners. Rabo was a god of calamity who grants wicked wishes which makes him kill Regalias, people and even gods.


To try to get Hiyori remember Yato, Yukine brought Yato’s picture play to Hiyori. (That drawing is so cute!) It’s really touching to see the playback of the events the three of them are gone through in the past.


I knew something was bugging Yukine when he was reluctant to turn to the last page. This must be where Yato was too depressed to continue drawing after their defeat to Rabo. It was sweet how Yukine decided to continue and complete the story. It was a childish drawing compared to Yato’s but it clearly shows the Regalia’s sincerity. Here I go tearing up again…


I love this scene. It’s a pretty sentimental scene. I love the background of the glistening sea, and Yato’s firm statement lifted the depressing mood. It was like the shining parts of the sea represented hope, hope that Yato and Yukine could get Hiyori’s memory back. Over to what happened afterwards, I’m not sure what to say. It was so sudden that I didn’t understand what happened. At first I thought Hiyori remembered Yato and Yukine, but then the two of them vanished into thin air. Did Nora completely erase Hiyori’s memory of them?

Anyway, next week is the very last episode of Noragami! I didn’t think it would end so soon… Once Noragami ends, I will have nothing to look forward to every week. For those who don’t know, there’s actually on OVA for Noragami. I watched it yesterday, and it’s hilarious. I’ll try to review it soon. Since next week will be the last episode, Yato and Yukine should succeed in getting Hiyori’s memory back. I’m curious to know what exactly happened when they disappeared at the end of episode 11. I’m really eager for episode 12, yet at the same time, I don’t want it to come so soon, or it’ll mark the end of my favourite anime of the season.

Watch Noragami episode 11 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-11/


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