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Kyoukai no Kanata episode 11

<Black World>

I like the beginning of this episode. It starts off with Mirai staring into space then suddenly BAM! She’s dodging from explosions, reminding us viewers about her important mission. Back to Akihito, Mitsuki and Hiromi visit him at the hospital and tell him that he is no longer immortal. We learn that his immortality didn’t come from being a half-youmu, but something else, possibly from Beyond the Boundary being in his body.


It’s really sad when Akihito asks about Mirai. When he walks back home, he meets Sakura, who asks him about Mirai’s location. We can see how depressed Sakura is without Mirai. Akihito is no exception. Back at home, he sees a message from Mirai, sent right before she left to defeat Beyond the Boundary.  The message is truly touching and saddening, making me want to cry with Akihito.

Later on, Fujima Miroku talks about how Beyond the Boundary is absorbing powers from other youmu and Spirit World Warriors to fight against Mirai. This explains why Hiromi’s powers are weaker, making him less sensitive to the cold. (We finally see Hiromi without a scarf) Fujima then fully activates Beyond the Boundary. It sucks up youmu, including Ayaka and Ai.


Akihito’s mother gathers Akihito, Mitsuki, Hiromi, Sakura and Nino to the Literary Club’s club room. I like the setting of her arrival. Akihito opens the door then warns everyone to stay back. A robot slowly gets out of the room and everyone is frightened at the thought that there’s a youmu in the room and it could be a trap. Then suddenly the robot falls and the helmet slides off, revealing Akihito’s mother. It’s nice how a bit of comedy is added to the episode, making things slightly more light-hearted before the serious matters come back.

Akihito’s mother teaches them how to defeat Beyond the Boundary, which is by using a youmu stone from Beyond the Boundary. She informs them that there is a puppet Akihito inside Beyond the Boundary formed by Mirai’s strong emotions and that Akihito has to find him and merge together. Akihito succeeds and meets Mirai. (I’m so happy to see their reunion!) I love the colourful visuals when Akihito is on his way to enter Beyond the Boundary.


In this episode, we get to see more of KyoAni’s wonderful animation during the formation of Beyond the Boundary. This episode makes viewers feel depressed at first, then hopeful towards the end. Akihito’s mother finally shows up and she definitely knows much more than she’s telling. The person who knows about the mystery of Akihito’s birth best is her.  Perhaps all of the remaining secrets will be revealed in the next episode. I want to know how Beyond the Boundary entered Akihito’s body. The next episode, Gray World, features Mirai and Akihito fighting against Beyond the Boundary. Looking forward to it!

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