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Noragami episode 2



At the beginning of the episode, Hiyori talks about how she changed after meeting Yato. To be honest I thought the person poking Hiyori was Yato. I was thinking, “Wait, how did he get there?” It turns out that it is Hiyori herself, or to be more precise, her soul. One weird thing I noticed – if Hiyori’s soul is separated from her body, shouldn’t she be washing her actual body instead of her soul’s body? After the accident, Hiyori has become prone to losing her body very easily, even in school. Later, it is explained that phantoms can be found everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes. The only ones who can see them are young children, animals and those in the divide between the Near and Far shores like Yato and Hiyori.

noragami 2-1

Stuff you gotta deal with, like advertising on trains.

noragami 2-2

It’s during scenes like these that I feel that Hiyori is similar to Lucy from Fairy Tail.

noragami 2-3

Hiyori calls Yato to ask him when he will be helping her with her wish. Yato explains that he has many other tasks to do to earn money so that he can build a shrine of his own. (I find the above picture hilarious. Hiyori. That face. XD) Hiyori starts wondering if Yato is like the useless people in society that her mother once mentioned when she was young. After remembering her lord Tomo’s great words, she is determined to do what she can to change her situation. Since Yato mentioned that he doesn’t have a Regalia to help him, Hiyori decides to look for one. I like that about Hiyori. She’s not just going to depend on others

Unfortunately, the potential candidate for Yato’s Regalia isn’t a spirit but a huge phantom, so the duo ended up having to run away from it. Yato’s hand gets injured after saving Hiyori’s ‘tail’. He explains that it’s a lifeline connecting Hiyori’s physical and ethereal forms. If it gets cut, she’ll die. He tells Hiyori that he’ll find his own Regalia himself.

noragami 2-4

This cute little puffball turns out to be Yato’s chosen Regalia.

noragami 2-5

I really like the ritual Yato performed to make the spirit his Regalia.

noragami 2-6

After naming the spirit Yuki, the little puffball turns into a sword. Using this sword, Yato defeats the phantom. We get to see the action we’ve been missing while Yato didn’t have a Regalia (or was useless according to Hiyori)

noragami 2-7

Here comes the funny part. Yato is being very sincere and kind and offers his jersey to his Regalia, informally known as Yukine. It’s one of those nice anime moments where the main character kindly comforts his friends saying, “There’s nothing you need to fear anymore.” Then…

noragami 2-8

noragami 2-9

Poor Yato! The poor guy was totally stunned. I didn’t expect Yukine to be like that. Hiyori offers him her scarf, while Yato just ‘stoned’ there. It’s kind of sad that Yato is often treated this way.

Episode 2 strikes the perfect balance between serious matters and funny moments. That’s what I like about Noragami. And now that Yukine is here, I’m really interested in the interactions between the three!

Watch Noragami episode 2 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-2-english-subbed/ 


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2 thoughts on “Noragami episode 2

  1. I’m interested in the interacting between Yukine too. I think he’s pretty cool right now.

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