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Noragami Aragoto episode 7

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<How to Worship a God>

noragami s2 7-1

Episode 7 shows the growth of Yukine after knowing his role as Yato’s exemplar. The episode begins with the heartwarming scene of the trio’s return.noragami s2 7-2

It was hilarious to see Daikoku and Tenjin’s reactions after knowing that Yukine changed into a Blessed Vessel for Yato haha.

noragami s2 7-3noragami s2 7-4

After episodes of horror and tragedy at Bishamon’s, Noragami’s comedy returns. I can’t blame their reactions though. Who wouldn’t want money?

noragami s2 7-5noragami s2 7-6

The day that everyone has always been wishing for – for it to rain money. I respect Yukine’s decision to put away his greed for money and to make this decision for his master. It is definitely not an easy decision, but he did it for the sake of his master. It heartens me to see that Yukine has grown to be more sensible in this new season.

noragami s2 7-7

Yukine’s impersonation of Yato on point! XD

noragami s2 7-8noragami s2 7-9

If you thought you could have gone through this episode without shedding a tear, the ending is here to prove you wrong. Knowing how it has always been important to have a shrine of his own, Hiyori built a mini shrine for Yato, even though she got in the process. I read this in the manga and I cried, and I still cried watching it in the anime. Kofuku explains that having a shrine to a god is very significant because it shows the gratitude and appreciation the people have in them.

Right at the end of the episode, we see that Ebisu is actually involved with the masked Phantoms. I’m so excited to watch the next few episodes!

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 7 at https://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-007


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