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Noragami Aragoto episode 6

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<What Must Be Done>

noragami s2 6-1

Kugaha insists that Bishamon is straying from how she is supposed to be.

noragami s2 6-2

I was appalled when Yato cut off Kugaha’s hand. I’m still scared of cut off body parts even when I first saw some in Kuroshitsuji. *shivers* I really blanked out after I saw Kugaha’s hand drop to the floor with the blood oozing from it. noragami s2 6-3noragami s2 6-4

Bishamon releases Kugaha. Knowing her, it would have been impossible to personally kill any Regalia, even if he betrayed her. Bishamon the magnanimous. You’re too kind, really! At least Kugaha won’t be back again.

noragami s2 6-5

Noragami Aragoto is making me cry too much T.T  noragami s2 6-6

I was really touched when Bishamon called the name of her oldest surviving Regalia. She had so many Regalias, most do not get called for decades. At last, she personally killed the Phantom that had eaten up her Regalias, even though she previously blamed Yato for doing the same thing. She had decided to face her own fears, knowing that this was the only way out, unless she wanted the Ha Clan to suffer from the same fate as the Ma Clan.

The ending of this episode was heartwarming, with the remaining Regalias living in harmony. I like the exchange diary idea – that’s so sweet of Bishamon haha. That way, she would be able to get to know her Regalias better, helping to resolve problems. There was no need to hide any feelings of sadness which could lead to hurt to both Regalias and Bishamon.

Watch Noragami episode 6 at https://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-006


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