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Noragami Aragoto episode 5

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<Divine Acclamation, Imprecation>

noragami s2 5-1

The thunderstorm that was ongoing while I watched this episode reflected the tragedy and Bishamon’s agony. The beginning was good news for Yato and Yukine, because Yukine did not die, but transformed into a Blessed Vessel instead. This makes him more powerful as a weapon. This is a very touching moment, since only very loyal Regalias can be Blessed Vessels, indicating Yukine’s strong bond to Yato.

noragami s2 5-2

Afterwards, chaos breaks out at Bishamon’s manor while the two gods were fighting. Bishamon’s blight appears together with Aiha’s, causing her to be weak. This results in Bishamon’s weapon Regalias being corrupted, but she continues to fight. Kugaha’s masked Phantom killed the Regalias in the manor, starting from ‘useless’ non-weapons.

noragami s2 5-3

Aiha tells Kazuha about Kugaha’s plan, so they free Kazuma and Hiyori. They return just in time to stop Yato from killing Bishamon, but Bishamon insists on continuing the fight. Ultimately, Kazuma pushes Yato out of the way, causing himself to be severely wounded. (I was really shocked at this scene, especially since it happens so fast that I had to rewatch the scene.) Kazuma confesses that he was the one who asked Yato to kill the Ma Clan.

noragami s2 5-4

This is one shocking episode with some bloody scenes during the massacre at the manor and the fight, though I’m kind of immune to these after watching Shingeki no Kyojin. The comparison between Bishamon and her Regalias, and Yato and Yukine makes the latter’s relationship seem much more natural as a family. Not only had Bishamon been suffering all this while, her Regalias have been suffering by keeping cheerful appearances for the sake of their master.

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 5 at http://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-005



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