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Noragami Aragoto episode 2

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<One of Her Memories>

noragami s2 2-1

Episode 2 is here to bring tears to the audience. Yukine finds his friend Suzuha, who tells him about his past and the story behind the old cherry blossom tree.

noragami s2 2-2

noragami s2 2-3

Yukine tells Yato about how he is afraid of Hiyori forgetting them when she grows up, just like how Tomoko kept forgetting who Suzuha was, and eventually never went back again. *sniff* Noragami Aragoto got me crying here when it’s only the second episode. Hiyori forgetting Yato and Yukine is something I never considered while watching the anime. With Hiyori being the only human who knows them, the day she forgets them is the day their existence is removed from the human world.

noragami s2 2-6

I’m so gonna kill Kugaha. How dare he kill Suzuha!!! It was already heartbreaking to know that Bishamon had never called Suzuha’s name for years (not her fault, since she probably has a hundred of Regalias or more), yet Kugaha just had to make it worse by mocking Suzuha and ultimately cause his death.

noragami s2 2-4

Being Noragami, an episode can never be entirely depressing, so comic scenes here are definitely welcome. What I love about Noragami is the balance between comedy and sad scenes like this. On a side note, this scene is like something I’ll tell my mom after dinner. Stress-eating from exam stress haha.

noragami s2 2-5

Kugaha confronts Yato and seems to want to use him for something, possibly in his plot to destroy Bishamon. I’m pretty sure he’s hiding the culprit of Bishamon’s blight, saying that the pink-haired Regalia was clear. It was definitely her! Also, I feel that some of the medications prescribed to Bishamon are actually causing her deteriorating health.

By the way, I’ve actually done with my reviews up to episode 5, but I’m planning to post them on consecutive days instead of spamming them in one day. Also, I’ve been watching Noragami Aragoto in HD, so my screenshots from now on would be of higher quality compared to those I’ve uploaded in the past. I was looking back at my old posts and there was a huge difference in quality haha.

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 2 at http://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-002


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