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Noragami Aragoto episode 1


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noragami s2

Otaku Daydreams is back with an anime review!!! I’ve been so busy with exams that I haven’t been watching any anime. I finally got the time to catch up on Noragami Aragoto! I’ve loved Noragami since the very first episode of season 1, and I was so hyped up watching season 2 when the opening started.

noragami s2 op

This post is mainly full of screenshots I took while watching episode 1, rather than an actual review haha. I got carried away due to my overflowing enthusiasm, and watching the opening seemed to revive me.

noragami s2 op 1

On to the episode itself!

noragami s2 ep 1

Episode 1 started with Hiyori and her family and friends (wow her house looks really big), until her soul escaped in school. To be honest, I really wonder what happens to her body in school. Does she sleep the whole day and just skip all the classes? Nevertheless, BONES never fails to present beautiful animation which is honestly one of the reasons why I watched Noragami. (Yes I literally judge a book by its cover)

noragami s2 ep 1-3

The baby incident is a strong reminder why you should never ever sleep with a mirror facing you. Seriously, baby? How lonely were you? The mirror reflection was extremely creepy. *shudders* I was wondering what would happen if the parents woke up amidst the chaos. Would they see their baby floating in the air and their living room being destroyed by an invisible force? That scene would have been entertaining, but Yato probably wouldn’t be able to solve that issue, so let’s not trouble our dear main cast with that thought. ^^’

noragami s2 ep 1-4

Noragami Aragoto is mainly about Bishamon’s past, so we get to see her live in action, saving the (spirit’s) day. This scene is too cool not to be captured, especially for fans of Bishamon!

noragami s2 1-6

I really admire Bishamon. I don’t know how she can endure all the pain to save all these Regalias. Whenever Bishamon accepts a new Regalia, it takes a toll on her health. Also, as Regalias are linked to their masters, any darkness in a Regalia hurts the master. In Bishamon’s case, with so many Regalias, it is difficult to tell who is the perpetrator. “Family” is an understatement. This is practically an entire village. Welcome to the clan, Mineha. (I’m still wincing from the scene of Bishamon cutting out the Phantom out of Mineha’s back by the way)

There you go! I’m probably going to post the next few episodes together rather than separate posts for each episode like this.

Watch Noragami Aragoto episode 1 at http://kissanime.to/Anime/Noragami-Aragoto/Episode-001


Author: Gwenice Gwee

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3 thoughts on “Noragami Aragoto episode 1

  1. Bishamon certainly is my fav character. You’ll enjoy the series : D.

    • Thanks for your comment! I like Bishamon too! (Yato is still my favourite character though XD) Yeah I love the first season and I have a feeling that I’ll definitely enjoy season 2 too. 🙂

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