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Final Thoughts: Black Bullet


Black Bullet had a synopsis that was really promising, with battles against monsters named Gastrea. It seemed like the kind of anime I liked, with lots of action but sad scenes as well. Yet, Black Bullet did not proceed as I would have liked it to. black bullet 1

The Good

All those faults aside, Black Bullet does reflect the dark side of society that is usually covered up. The scorn towards the Cursed Children reminds us of that. I like how Rentarou, the main character, questions what’s right and wrong, especially regarding the decisions made by his superiors. He has a proper sense of justice and his kindness has been portrayed throughout the whole anime. He’s an incredibly selfless protagonist.

The Bad

It’s a pity that Black Bullet failed to live up to my expectations. If you read my post, First Impressions: Black Bullet, you will know that I was skeptical about watching the anime due to the picture I saw. After reading the synopsis, I felt that Black Bullet was the kind of anime I like. However, when I saw Enju, my first thought was, “Oh man. Lolis. Okay, no thanks.” It was only after hearing my friend’s hyper interest in the plot that I startes watching it. Still, my skepticism returned later, when Tina first showed up. I didn’t like her at first. To be honest, the main reason is my irritation towards her dressing when she was first portrayed. Hello, wear your pyjamas properly, girl. At the middle of the series, I was getting increasingly skeptical about the lolis again. I mean, seriously, what’s with ALL the students wanting to be Rentarou’s bride? Yes, he’s a nice guy but please, seeing a bunch of little girls jumping on a guy is creepy.

The last episode was way too rushed. There was hardly any room for proper development, and many things were left unexplained. Does that mean there will be a second season? Even so, I’m not very sure I would want to watch it. It seems like Black Bullet tried to explore different areas, but due to the lack of proper development, the end result is a plot with ideas meeting dead ends in a labyrinth. Besides, I’m utterly horrified with that ending. There was a hint from Midori that Kisara was going towards the dark side, but what happened was way too extreme.

The Verdict

So, is Black Bullet worth watching? I actually felt that the last three episodes were good but the extreme plot twist that gave me a sick feeling in my stomach changed my mind. Out of 10, I’ll rate it as 5.5 or 6/10.


Author: Gwenice Gwee

www.thechaserofdreams.wordpress.com Chaser of dreams, epitome of oxymorons

4 thoughts on “Final Thoughts: Black Bullet

  1. Having to complete the animation adaptation, i understand your stand regarding on the plot development being all over the place. I personally find it pity and wondering where the problem really was and hopefully i will find an answer after getting the manga publication.

  2. For me, I really wanted to like the series (premise, character design, art, and music were all according to my tastes), but man I couldn’t get over how rushed it felt. Like you mentioned, there were some powerful and dark moments, but when 50 things happen at once, it doesn’t matter what happened, things lose their impact.
    The rushing also killed any sort of build up which made things seem really dull to me. Rentarou’s varanium limbs, Kagetane’s reappearance, and Kisara’s sudden mood swing at the end!

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