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First Impressions: Black Bullet


When I read the synopsis of Black Bullet, I felt that it was interesting. It seemed like the kind of anime I liked. The reason why it wasn’t in my watchlist at first was because of Enju. I thought that it would be about lolis or something. Anime with little girls aren’t the kind I like to watch, so I put it off. However, after hearing my friend talk about how much she liked Black Bullet, I decided to give it a try.

I think I’ve been too critical of Enju from the beginning. When the victim turned into a Jumping Spider, I felt that she should have dodged instead of getting stuck there. It was like she was waiting for Rentaro to save her. However, it was a good thing that she ended up helping him when he ran out of bullets. Still, I didn’t really like her until episode 2, when more of the Cursed Children’s background was explained. (The ultimate plot technique: make the audience feel sad for the character.)

Now that I think about it, Rentaro reminds me of Rin from Ao no Exorcist but looks more like Gareki from Karneval. (I have a tendency to compare the similarities of characters’ appearances and personalities.) Also, I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but I feel that the opening song reminds me of Shingeki no Kyojin. I mean it in a positive way. I’m not trying to imply that Black Bullet is copying its style. I like the similarity in the starting and ending of the music. I like the upbeat rhythm of the song which makes me really want to watch the anime. The slightly sad tone also reflects the feelings of the Cursed Children who are discriminated by the rest of society.

Back to the plot, I really like how Black Bullet is going. The characters are interesting, even the villain. I think that the Gastrea is intriguing. Episode 2 managed to capture my attention fully. I like the pace on how the plot is being unfolded. It’s not too rushed or too draggy. Episode 2 made me really like Rentarou. He doesn’t view Enju as a tool like some other promoters. To him, Enju is a human and should be treated fairly as one. In fact, I feel that she is more of a sister to him.

The suspense, the great animation and plot so far… Black Bullet is a must-watch this Spring season.

Watch Black Bullet episode 1 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Black-Bullet-episode-1-english-subbed/ 


Author: Gwenice Gwee

www.thechaserofdreams.wordpress.com Chaser of dreams, epitome of oxymorons

5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Black Bullet

  1. Great anime for sure, I started this when it aired and thus had to share it on my blog 😛 It’s nice to see you also watching it 😛
    Have you checked Captain Earth?

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