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First Impressions: Fairy Tail (2014)


I know I’m posting this when the first episode has been aired one week ago but well, better late than never!

Fairy Tail (2014) episode 176: The King of the Dragons

As a Fairy Tail fan, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this. What I first noticed was the change in art style. I don’t dislike it, but I guess nobody can get used to changes easily. When the episode started, I was pretty confused by what was happening. It was about destruction, Lucy crying and Natsu coming to the rescue. I couldn’t get what was going on, but then the opening started.

I really like this opening. At first, I was trying to figure out if the song was really in Japanese because it didn’t sound like it was. However, it did match the lyrics. That’s when I realised it was like the first ending of Ao no Exorcist, Take Off by 2PM. Masayume Chasing is sung by BoA, a K-Pop singer. It’s a really catchy song, so it’s been replaying in my mind very often ever since I heard it.

The Plot

I was wondering where this episode would start with after the opening. The part with the destruction was not explained except in the ending. Instead, the episode continued with Fairy Tail having a day off from the Magic Games. I like how the old Fairy Tail days are shown, with Natsu and Gray fighting, someone destroying Erza’s cake (it is the greatest crime in Fiore to ruin the Titania’s cake) and finally Erza dealing with the two of them. I’ve read the manga, so most of the plot follows the dragon slayers, accompanied by their Exceeds, Gray and Lucy, finding out the the Dragon King Festival. Arcnologia being the Dragon King is interesting part of this episode, despite me already knowing this since I read it in the manga. Speaking of the manga, I sort of wished that I didn’t read it since I don’t feel that much for the anime plot now. I already know what’s going to happen, so I don’t feel that surprised, and it eliminates the suspense.

However, one thing that made me really emotional is Lector’s disappearance. I read that part in the manga, but it still broke my heart to see it played out. I wanted to cry with Sting. It’s amazing how anime can make me hate a character at first then start liking him because something tragic happens to him. Back to my point, I can’t believe the master of Sabertooth did that to Lector! He’s cruel and unfeeling. He’s practially inhuman! Between the two Sabertooth Exceeds, I only liked Lector even though he was pretty arrogant and irritating. I hate Frosch. I think that he’s annoying. I don’t know why. That’s why, when I first saw what happened to Lector, part of me wished that Frosch was the one who disappeared. I know that it’s mean, but that was really what I felt.

I like how it’s set in the modern world. I know it doesn’t match the actual setting for Fairy Tail and it looks more like a scene in Fan Fiction. Most importantly, it’s entirely focused on Natsu and Lucy. What a way to start another shipping war haha. Well, I’m actually a Nalu fan. I don’t hate Nali, so I understand why Nali fans will dislike the ending. I think that the ending is sweet, but I hope Fairy Tail won’t be focusing too much on romance, because the reason I watch it is for the action and comedy.

Watch Fairy Tail (2014) episode 1 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Fairy-Tail-2014-episode-1-english-subbed/


Author: Gwenice Gwee

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Fairy Tail (2014)

  1. I love the show and happy that it’s back, however one thing that annoys me is how they’ve numbered it. It should have stayed as 176 and so on, not Fairy Tail (2014) episode 1. That really bugs me.

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