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Noragami episode 7


<Uncertainty and Destiny>

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It turns out that “Nora” is not a name. Meaning “stray”, it refers to Regalias who serve multiple masters and have many names. They are usually used to do jobs that gods do not want their regular Regalias to do. This can conclude that Nora is the Regalia who Yato used to kill the Regalia in the past. Since she is a stray, she accepts any jobs.

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I thought that this was pretty funny. Once again, Noragami never fails to add a bit of humour into each episode despite how the plot is getting more serious. It’s ironic since Hiyori is asking help from the gods but she’s actually acquainted to Yato, who would not be able to help her anyway. I like the expressions used in this moment, with Hiyori’s petrified look and Yato’s joking face. Noragami sure has many funny faces.

noragami 7-4

I was shocked when Kazuma, one of Bishamon’s Regalias, actually helped Hiyori. I thought that after knowing that Hiyori was acquainted with Yato, he would bring her over to Bishamon. Unexpectedly, Kazuma tells her that although he views Yato as his enemy, he does owe a great deal to Yato. He warns Hiyori about Yukine and explains that Yukine’s misdoings are causing pain for Yato.

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I have ambiguous feelings about Yukine’s situation. On one hand, I pity he since he has a difficult past and died at such a young age. Surely he does have a reason for his actions. He might be running away from Yato and Hiyori since he was afraid of Yato. Don’t get me wrong. I like Yato, but after trying to put myself in Yukine’s shoes, it makes sense that he is uneasy about Yato’s dark past. Aside from not having a proper place to stay, would you want to serve a god who might kill you like he killed another Regalia in the past? On the other hand, I am a bit disappointed at Yukine. Why did he steal the money at the convenience store? Then again, there might be another side of this situation. Perhaps Yukine did not steal the money for his own selfish reasons. Stealing is wrong of course, but is it too early to hate Yukine at this moment? Maybe he did that to help Yato.

noragami 7-6

My favourite scene was when Yato defeating a Phantom. How Yato defeated the gigantic moth Phantom was pretty impressive. So that’s why he collected some purification water at the shrine. To be honest, I thought Yato might actually choose to use Nora instead. That would be interesting since Nora is really strong and I am curious about how Yato would be using her as his Regalia. However, that cause something frightening. Nora is dangerous, so by using Nora as his Regalia, Yato would be influenced by her and thus become deadly.

noragami 7-7

One of Nora’s companions has arrived. Who is he? Another “stray”? With the addition of this new character, more of Yato’s bloodstained past should be revealed. Unfortunately, I would have to wait for the next episode of Noragami.

Watch Noragami episode 7 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-7/


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4 thoughts on “Noragami episode 7

  1. This is one of my newest fav anime 😀 it’s pretty good, although I can see similarities to Bleach.

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