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Noragami episode 6

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Sorry for the delay for this review guys. I actually watched this episode on Monday but I only managed to review it today. School has started to end really late. Anyway, on to the review, I’ll try to focus more on writing about my thoughts and opinions.

noragami 6-1

Episode 6 starts off with Yukine being confused about his emotions. Since Yato forced him to attack the Phantom in the previous episode despite Yukine being against it, the young Regalia has been fidgety.

noragami 6-2

I must admit, I was really shocked when Yukine stole the skateboard. I thought that after Hiyori scolded him the previous time, he would not attempt it again. I read many comments about hating Yukine since he is being pretty useless in this episode. Some even suggest that Yato should just choose Nora over Yukine because Nora is much stronger. I agree that Nora is stronger than Yukine. What she did to Bishamon’s Regalia was incredible. Still, give Yukine a chance guys. He definitely has a difficult past that we have yet to discover.

noragami 6-3

The mysterious goddess appears, with her cool lion Regalia too! Named Bishamon, she is here for revenge. Putting the pieces together on how Bishamon loathes Yato and wants to prevent him from hurting Regalias agin, the Regalia that Yato killed in the past should be Bishamon’s favourite Regalia.

noragami 6-4

I like how Kofuku is so direct about everything. Does Hiyori like Yato? I do this the two of them but I hope that Noragami decides to add romance later into the anime. If it is added too soon, it might ruin the pace. In my opinion, the sudden romance was what ruined my enthusiasm for Sword Art Online, so I hope Noragami doesn’t do the same thing.

noragami 6-5

Have I mentioned how creepy Nora is? Well, I just did. The only sign of her arrival is a ripple in the water before she pops out of nowhere. Will more details about Yato’s past be revealed in the next episode? I am really curious about how he met Nora. Besides, why are there so many markings on Nora’s body? What do they mean? On a side note, I was shocked to discover that she was voiced by Rie Kugimiya, who is one of the seiyuus I’m familiar with. Sadly, this won’t be a character I like.

On to the preview, there’s more to Nora and Yato’s meeting, but most of it seem to be more light-hearted. With the next episode airing in just a few days, I’m looking forward to it like I always do!

Watch Noragami episode 6 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-6/


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