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Log Horizon episode 19

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<Chasing After Them>

Finally, I get to see the action I’ve been missing during the recent episodes. Finally, it’s not just talk and planning. Finally, it’s a major battle. It’s the start of the battle of the adventurers against the goblins.

log 19-1

While Crusty leads the adventurers into the battle against the goblins, Shiroe explains the strategy for the battle. Since the goblins might flee in all directions when attacked, the adventurers have to surround them so that the goblins do not attack the nearby villages, leading them to a single point. However, they must also protect Choushi to prevent their encirclement from being broken. I really like how the plan is explained using the “map”.

log 19-2

Over to Choushi, thousands of enemies are approaching. Although Marielle initially did not want to let the younger adventurers to do anything reckless, she agrees to their request of attacking the sahuagin, which turn out to be the fish monsters that appeared a few episodes ago.

log 19-3

The young adventurers are doing well, with signs of improvement from the main group. Tohya has become stronger, Serara has learned offensive attacks, Rudy and Isuzu back each other up very well and as for Minori…

log 19-4

log 19-5

Minori’s group rushes in to attack the goblins, but things do not go smoothly once the rain starts. With the reinforcements coming in only after an hour, the young adventurers are not able to handle the newly arrived dire wolves as well as the goblins. Tohya’s MP is decreasing at a rapid rate, while Serara’s healing is not fast enough. This proceeds with a moment of Minori panicking until Rudy suddenly runs towards the dire wolves, assuring the rest of the group that he can handle them. Rudy defeats the wolves, but he is not breathing when the rest of the group find him later. Serara and Minori attempt to revive him with their spells but they could not work. That is when Isuzu reveals Rudy’s secret.

log 19-6

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Rudy really is one of the People of the Land! *does a victory dance to congratulate self for guessing it right before slapping self to return to the atmosphere of the moment* There is a flashback to back when Isuzu was unable to add Rudy to her friend list. Rudy admitted that he was one of the People of the Land, but asked Isuzu to keep it secret from the others.

log 19-7

It is really sad to know that Rudy cannot be revived since he is not an adventurer. I feel really bad for Isuzu, who has become great friends with Rudy recently. With him dead, the golden retriever is gone and she can’t work with him during battles anymore. However, Minori tells her party that there is still hope which lies in Shiroe. I really want to know the reason why Rudy wanted to be an adventurer so desperately. There must be a reason why he decided to throw away his life as one of the People of the Land and live as an adventurer. What was his past like? Also, judging by the preview, it seems like Shiroe is able to revive Rudy. How does he do that? The next episode seems to be very interesting.

One thing I would like to mention is that Log Horizon would be so much better if the animation was of better quality. It has been on my mind these few weeks since the other anime I’ve been watching and reviewing all have better animation than Log Horizon. I enjoyed the fighting scenes in this episode, but it seemed to lack something. To me, it lies in clearer animation and the use of brighter colours. Most of the time, Log Horizon appears to be very dull. I know that the battle is happening at night, but that should make the attacks more obvious and eye-catching. Compared to other fighting scenes I have watched in other anime, Log Horizon does not really catch my attention that much. That is the downside of Log Horizon in my opinion.

Watch Log Horizon episode 19 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-19-english-subbed/


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