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Noragami episode 5



noragami 5-1

I love Yato’s reactions to Yukine’s thoughts about Hiyori. It’s hilarious, especially since Hiyori is the only one who doesn’t understand what’s going on and insists on taking care of the young Regalia. When Hiyori told Yukine her parents would be returning home late, I could totally picture Yato getting frustrated about Yukine’s dirty thoughts.

noragami 5-2

Yato’s face when he sneaked in behind Hiyori’s parents. I knew he would be coming as well! It’s hilarious how he managed to raid Hiyori’s refridgerator without her parents knowing. I seriously thought Hiyori’s mother spotted him when she looked so shocked, but it turned out that she couldn’t see him. On a more serious note, Yato asks Hiyori about Yukine, then explains that shrines keep them safe from Phantoms, unlike Hiyori’s house. He also tells her that Yukine is afraid of the dark. It reminds us that despite how Yato appears to be, he does care about Yukine.

noragami 5-3

Hiyori’s father switched off the lights in Yukine’s room, so Hiyori offered to let Yukine sleep with her. Ero Yukine! I really like the scene with Yato creeping up on him and scaring the young Regalia.

noragami 5-4

A new character is introduced. It’s a goddess who rides a lion (wow) and uses a gun Regalia. Later in the episode, we learn that she knows Yato.

noragami 5-5

This episode is mostly about Yukine. Yato mentions that Regalias are people, so they still give in to temptations and greed. Since gods and their Regalias share body and mind, Yato is alerted by Yukine’s temptation to shoplift, so he joins the search for Yukine, who has run away. Yukine spots a little girl who doesn’t know that she is already dead. She asks him to accompany her while she waits for her mother. Yukine agrees even though he knows her mother will never come. After waiting together for a long time, Yukine decides to tell the little girl that her mother won’t be coming. Saddened, she walks away and is approached by a big group of Phantoms. Yukine draws a boundary to separate her from them, but it was too late. She was already possessed.

noragami 5-6

I feel really bad for Yukine here. Yato tells him that the only way to help the girl is to kill the Phantom. We can see him struggling to accept the situation. He cares about the little girl, especially since she died so young. Although Yukine doesn’t want to harm the girl, he has no choice but to listen to Yato.

noragami 5-7

Yato attacking Phantoms are my favourite scenes in Noragami. I love the animation effects used whenever Phantoms are defeated.

I’m really curious about the new character. Who is she? Does she know Yato during his dark past? The person who reported to her mentioned Yato having a new Regalia, so she probably knows Yato’s previous Regalias. But which one would they be referring to? I have a feeling they’re referring to Nora instead of Tomone, since the new character looks skeptical after hearing the news.

This episode also makes me more curious about Yukine’s past. Did he often shoplift in the past, thinking that he was just ‘borrowing’ and could return it anytime? It was interesting to learn that even though Master and Regalia share feelings, the feelings are only transferred from Regalia to Master. Linking back to Yato’s dark past, Yato killing a Regalia might have been as a form of ‘divine punishment’. Since Nora used to be Yato’s Regalia, her feelings could be felt by Yato. Maybe her killing intent influenced Yato, causing him to kill. Also, Hiyori comments that Yato and Yukine smell good. At first I thought that it was just kind of odd, or maybe because she likes Yato. However, when the Phantoms mention how the Yukine smells good, it started to get creepy. Why is it that the Phantoms like talking about the smell of people?

Watch Noragami episode 5 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Noragami-episode-5/


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3 thoughts on “Noragami episode 5

  1. I love how this show can balance serious and poignant themes while not being overly dark and having a lot of great humor. It’s hard for a show to try to be two things at once, but Noragami does it well. The smell thing is pretty unusual, It might be because Hiyori is half a phantom that she is slowly succumbing to the same desires that the phantoms have.

  2. Wow, anime. I love anime. I’ve got to tend my garden, then I’ll be back to do some reading. Lucy

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