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Log Horizon episode 18


<Expeditionary Force>

log 18-1

Log Horizon has been so serious in the recent episodes, so the scene with the West Wind Brigade members fawning over Soujirou was pretty hilarious. I like how they were jealous that Soujirou was being surrounded by girls from the land. I found the remark about Princess Lenessia’s dressing a bit like a cosplay odd. It’s not like the rest of the people dress very ‘normally’. Or maybe it’s just because her dress is more fancy in comparison.

log 18-1

“Take a peek and be sent to the cathedral” is a pretty amusing way to threaten people Elder Tale-style.

log 18-3

Back to the focus of the episode, Princess Lenessia has stepped up to address the adventurers from Akihabara. Charmed by the princess, all of the adventurers have agreed to fight for Eastal. The troops are all on their way to attack the goblins.

I like how this episode shows more of Princess Lenessia’s character development. Even when in an unfamiliar land and in uncomfortable clothes, she still manages to give a speech to thousands of adventurers. I admire her courage to do that.

I’m looking forward to the battle against the goblins. Finally, there’s a full scale battle going on. Just like how the adventurers are so keen on this huge event, I’m eager for some action. I might not detest the amount of discussions and talking, but enough is enough. Let’s see some more action! Also, seeing Isuzu’s worried face as Rudy comments about being an adventurer and judging by the preview, perhaps it’s time to reveal Rudy’s secret. I hope Log Horizon doesn’t drag it any further. Come on, throw out something unexpected in the next episode!

Watch Log Horizon at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-18-english-subbed/


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2 thoughts on “Log Horizon episode 18

  1. Love the dressing room sign XD I agree, Princess Lenessia’s character development is pretty well done and I am liking her character more and more as each episode pasts. Also, that ending with Krusty’s “Kill ’em all” is awesome

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