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Nisekoi episode 4


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Wow, Chitoge, I know that’s supposed to be harmless girl talk, but that’s not meant to be asked in front of boys. To think she unknowingly even asked that in front of Raku… Chitoge’s not exactly at fault, but poor Onodera. Raku is glad thinking that Onodera doesn’t like anyone at the moment, so he has a chance. In truth, he’s actually the one Onodera likes! I wonder how long this will be going on.

Also, Chitoge’s sudden slip up with hilarious. She was so caught up in the mood and topic about liking someone that she forgot she was supposed to be acting as Raku’s girlfriend. The rest of the study group gave her confused looks and the fake couple had to try to cover it up as a joke. And Maiko’s question… oh I love the reactions of everyone there! Maiko’s laughing face like it’s no big deal, Raku’s exasperated response, Onodera’s nervous expression, Miyamoto’s bored appearance and Chitoge’s flustered look. That’s like the highlight of the episode to me.

nisekoi 4-3

Raku learns that Onodera likes him, but the yakusa gang members have something in their minds, which was to get Raku and Chitoge closer together! We get to see yet another side of Chitoge, which is that she’s afraid of dark places. I had a feeling she was since she refused to enter the storehouse. There’s a Raku and Chitoge moment, then Chitoge asks Raku how he feels about Onodera. It’s just a random topic she thought of to get rid of the silence, but seriously, Chitoge, that’s totally spot on! Raku ends up rambling about Onodera’s good points, but luckily Chitoge is dense and agrees that Onodera is a great girl.

Chitoge says that she feels much better and volunteers to climb the ladder, only to trip and fall on Raku. There we see an awkward Raku and Chitoge moment, only to be hilariously interrupted by Claude. I think he’s over-protectiveness towards Chitoge is really amusing, just like the fact that he was the one to open the doors to save them. Onodera seeing the awkward position and misunderstanding was expected but I like how she became so flustered and dragged Miyamoto as she ran out.

nisekoi 4-4

Is this progress between Raku and Chitoge? Also, now that Raku’s friend Maiko knows about the fake relationship and Onodera’s friend Miyamoto is suspicious of the couple, what’s going to happen?

Watch Nisekoi episode 4 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Nisekoi-episode-4-english-subbed/


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2 thoughts on “Nisekoi episode 4

  1. Claude is definitely a hilarious side character! Though I can’t help but think of Sister from Arakawa Under the Bridge whenever I hear him, since the two characters are voiced by Koyasu Takehito.

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