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Nisekoi episode 3

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<Two of a Kind>

nisekoi 3

This episode shows a different side of Chitoge. I’ve been watching Nisekoi from Raku’s perspective for some time that I didn’t really think about Chitoge. Then that typical romance show technique strikes again… the other side of a character. It’s not just limited to romance shows, but it’s a technique that works every time. There are some characters that viewers tend to dislike at first, but then we find something to symphasise with them.

In Chitoge’s case, ever since she transferred schools, she hasn’t made friends with anyone yet. We hear some of her classmates gossiping about her, thinking that she’s an arrogant girl. However, Chitoge actually has no idea how to make friends. She keeps a notebook about her classmates, trying to think of a plan to converse with them. Raku understands this, being brought up in the same environment. He knows how hard it is to keep changing schools and having classmates gossiping about him. He offers to help Chitoge to complete her notebook and encourages her to talk to the girls she mentioned.

I symphasise with Chitoge. Transferring schools is a tough thing for students. The rest of the class have their own group of friends while the transfer student awkwardly tries to fit in. It’s not easy to find a place for yourself when you’re the only one who feels so unfamiliar with everyone else. It’s sweet that Chitoge makes a notebook about her classmates. She really puts an effort into trying to make friends. She wants to get to know more about them and she wants to make a difference to her social life. It’s a wonderful side of Chitoge.

I think I’m starting to really like Nisekoi. It may not be as hilarious as other romantic comedies I’ve watched, but it’s getting better. Shaft’s animation is great (just ignore that extreme head tilting – to be honest I never noticed it until I saw the meme. I think Nisekoi is the first Shaft anime I’ve watched). The plot is improving too. Raku sees Onodera’s key and suspects it to be the key from the promise ten years ago. On the other hand, he sees the softer side of Chitoge and that she’s not just the “gorilla woman” that he can’t stand. Also, Onodera overhears Raku and Chitoge’s conversation about their “performance”, so she might figure out that their fake relationship soon. The love triangle is slowly beginning…

Watch Nisekoi episode 3 at http://www.animeultima.tv/Nisekoi-episode-3-english-subbed/


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