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Log Horizon episode 17


<A Lazy, Cowardly Princess>

log 17-1

The older adventurers have agreed to Minori’s plan to attack the goblins. Meanwhile, the nobles of Elder Tale are holding a secret conference separate from the Round Table representatives. Shiroe feels that they are planning to ask the Izumo Knights for help. However, no one is sure of their whereabouts and it is as if they have vanished into thin air.

log 17-2

With Minori as a lookout, the young adventurers attack the first batch of goblins successfully with their great teamwork. We can see their improvement from their previous battles. The magic lens Naotsugu lent to Minori are really cool. They allow her to see very clearly in the dark. (I want one of those!)

log 17-3

Over to the castle, the nobles have turned to the adventurers for help. However, they are still wary of the adventurers, so they are secretly trying to gather information about them. Shiroe plans to do the same. He asks them about the whereabouts of the Izumo Knights, only to be met with nervous looks and a suggestion that the adventurers should fight instead. This breaks into an argument between the two parties on whose duty it is to protect the land. Michitaka shocks everyone by slamming the table with his fist, claiming that the adventurers are not part of the Freedom Cities.  (That is one big dent, by the way. That teaches us to never mess with Michitaka.) This stuns the nobles, rendering them speechless.

log 17-4

“We don’t have the right to take advantage of our weakness and use them as tools!” – Princess Lenessia

That’s not all. Princess Lenessia arrives suddenly, announcing that she is going to Akihabara and requests Crusty to accompany her. Much to the nobles’ dismay, the princess reveals their secret that the Knights of Izumo are missing. She argues that it is wrong to push everything to the adventurers. Princess Lenessia adds that she wishes to go to Akihabara to personally gather adventurer volunteers.

“She might be the one who saves the Freedom Cities of Eastel from the dead end in which they find themselves.”

log 17-5

I really admire Princess Lenessia in this episode. When she was just introduced, she was portrayed as a lazy princess who reminds Crusty of his little sister. It was like she was only interested in living a comfortable life. However, in this episode, she was brave enough to stand up against the nobles to tell them her thoughts. She took a huge step to changing what others thought about her. She’s not someone who will hide away from the politics of her country anymore. Emphasising on respect, Princess Lenessia wants both parties to understand what is necessary. Hiding the truth will not help anyone. Pushing the blame is useless. If people are going to fight against the goblins, they should be willing to do so, not forced. I respect her decision to face the problem herself. The princess has proven that she is no longer just a lazy, cowardly princess.

Princess Lenessia persuading the adventurers in the next episode will be interesting. I’m eager to see how she’s planning to do that. According to what she told Crusty, she doesn’t have a plan. However, with her strong resolve, she should be able to figure something out. I support you, Princess Lenessia!

Watch Log Horizon episode 17 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-17-english-subbed/


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2 thoughts on “Log Horizon episode 17

  1. When he pounded the table my box fell in the ground IRL. That was some powerful smash.

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