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Weekly Round-ups: Nisekoi 2, Hamatora 3 & Nagi no Asukara 16

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Episode 2: Encounter


Since the two rival yakuza gangs are not convinced about Raku and Chitoge’s relationship, the two of them have to go out on a date. After watching this episode, I do think that Nisekoi is funny after all. The yakuza stalking the fake couple was funny, especially with Claude standing next to the “Beware of Stalkers” sign. I also like manga-like parts especially during the date when Onodera sees Raku at the park. It was really frustrating for Raku since he was aware of the yakuza around but didn’t want Onodera to misunderstand what was going on. Nisekoi has the most interesting love triangle. Raku has to pretend to be Chitoge’s boyfriend (it might be a bit cliche, but I like it) but he made a promise a girl when he was young who turns out to be Onodera. I don’t know who I’ll prefer Raku to end up with, but knowing how romance anime usually are, it’ll probably be Chitoge.

The extra bit after the ending song was amusing. Raku and Chitoge has such strange ways of naming animals. I think I prefer Raku’s. Although he gives the animals very long names which are hard to remember, at least they are proper names. It’s much better than calling them “Number One”, etc.


File 3: Those With and Those Without

hamatora 3

Three episodes into this mystery anime, I’ve taken a liking to the plot right now. Perhaps it’s because the anime I’ve been watching recently are too normal that I need to watch some insane characters for a change. The serial killer in Hamatora is one of the most twisted characters I’ve known for now. The rest come from Durarara. I still dislike the animation whenever a Minimum Holder uses his powers, but it’s not so striking to me now compared to the first episode.

Over to the actual episode, that Itou-san is seriously disillusioned. She thinks that she’s doing the best to protect her son and the rest of the youths but in reality, she feels that her son is useless and wonders why he doesn’t have a Minimum. Fortunately there aren’t any Minimum Holders in real life. Who knows how many psycho parents will there be? Anyway, it was interesting to learn that Art graduated from Facultas Academy as well despite not having a Minimum. Nice being the top graduate of the academy is pretty predictable after watching so many shounen anime. The serial killer reminds me of the Colourless King from K, personality-wise. By researching into non-innate Minumum Holders, he wants to create an equal society whereby everyone has Minimum powers. Yeah right. Leave your twisted ideas away from the rest of the society please.

Nagi no Asukara

Episode 16: The Whispers of the Faraway Waves

nagi no asukara 16

Hikari goes back to attend school, telling the rest of his classmates to call him “Senpai”. It’s nice to know that he has accepted his situation. When tasked to get Hikari’s new uniform, Miuna invites Sayu along but the two of them get into a fight because Sayu is still sad that Kaname hasn’t returned. When finds Miuna at the abandoned shipyard, one of the cranes broke apart and Miuna falls into the sea. Fortunately, Miuna manages to breathe underwater. I think that the shiny parts in the sea are Ena. Since Miuna’s mother is from the sea, perhaps her Ena can be activated at some time.

I felt really bad for Sayu in this episode. She misses Kaname a lot and has not seen him for five years. Yet, she’s invited to accompany Hikari and Miuna and is envious of Miuna that Hikari is back but not Kaname. The end of the episode shows Kaname back in the town, naked, in fact. The old man at the cafe was so shocked. By the way, the name of the cafe, Triangle, is so fitting. Kaname definitely still likes Chisaki, but so does Tsumugu. There we have a love triangle! To be honest, I used to really like Kaname x Chisaki. He’s such a nice person but Chisaki always treated him only as a friend. With Kaname back, things are going to be so interesting. What is Sayu going to do?


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