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Log Horizon episode 16


<Return of the Goblin King>


Thousands of demi-humans are out and attacking the adventurers, due to the Goblin King’s return. Ever since the Apocalypse, the adventurers have been busy raising their levels and making the world livable for themselves that they never accepted any requests from the People of the Land. Hence, the goblins have become stronger.

ImagePrincess Lenessia’s father makes an appearance and announces that he is going to Maihama, while Princess Lenessia should stay in the palace with her grandfather. Back to the adventurers, an army of goblins is making its way to Chouchi. Rundel Haus suggests that they go there to protect the people. Meanwhile, the West Wind Brigade is asked to help out with the defence of the palace.


Shiroe explains that when adventurers die in the world of Elder Tale, they will lose some of their memories. Crusty speaks up and tells them that it could be true. Since the Apocalypse, he has died twice in training. Due to that, he lost a few minor memories. This proves that deaths in Elder Tale removes some memories the adventurers have of the real world.

“Do you need a reason? Is helping them without one wrong? If you want to help someone, isn’t that enough?” – Tohya


The young adventurers rush to Chouchi to find the entrance in ruins. Minori announces her plan: to drop their initial plan of protecting the city to attack the goblins.

I must say, I admire the young adventurer’s courage and determination to protect Chouchi, especially Tohya with his quote as shown above. I’m a bit similar to Isuzu, afraid of taking risks and worrying that they are trying to achieve the impossible. Minori being used to speaking up and addressing a group is a nice change. Great character development there. It’s good that she’s taking charge. Her plan isn’t that impressive and grand as she puts it though. It’s a bit of common sense battlewise. If you don’t want to defend, you should attack. However, saying something is much easier than actually doing it. From Minori’s tone and expression, she means it and she believes they can do it. Will there be a victorious battle in the next episode?

On a side note, episode 16 did not address the mystery of Rundel Haus. I’m very sure he’s not an adventurer. He should be one of the People of the Land. It could be the reason why he was so determined to protect Chouchi and was the first to suggest that.

Judging by the preview, it looks like Princess Lenessia is making an important request in the next episode. She seems to be saddened by the fact that her father is leaving Maihama without her. Most likely, she plans to go there as well, despite her father’s refusal. Episode 17 should finish up the preparations of the battle against the goblins. Knowing the style of Log Horizon, the episode should end with the beginning of the battle.

Watch Log Horizon episode 16 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-16/


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2 thoughts on “Log Horizon episode 16

  1. Minori-chan is growing up! *motherly tears*

    Your thoughts on Rudy might be legit. Maybe that’s the reason why Isuzu could not place him as a friend.

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