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Zero to Hero Day 14: Blogger’s Choice

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For Day 14, there isn’t a specific assignment for Zero to Hero. Participants are given the choice to do what they want. Some suggestions given are more commenting and searching for new topics on the Reader.

It’s become a daily practice for me to check out the Anime and zerotohero topics and comment or like the ones that I find interesting. I agree that blogs get more traffic when bloggers comment on other blogs. For me, I visit the blogs of those who comment on my blog. It’s nice knowing that people actually read what I write so I’m always happy whenever anyone likes or comments on my posts.

Since there isn’t any particular assignment given, I’ll use this post to write about some updates. Here’s what you can expect to see on Otaku Daydreams for this month:

  1. Episode reviews for Log Horizon and Noragami  
  2. Zero to Hero assignments
  3. Weekly round-ups with short reviews for Nagi no AsukaraNisekoi and Hamatora (I’ll post this around Fridays because all of the new episodes of the anime I’m covering will be aired by then)

I will only post the weekly round-ups if I have the time, but the first two will definitely be posted.


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