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Weekly Round-ups: Hamatora 2 and Nagi no Asukara 15

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Since I’m watching more series this season but lack the time to write complete reviews for each of them, I’ll be writing weekly round-ups for some of them. Log Horizon and Noragami will continue to have complete reviews, while Hamatora, Nagi no Asukara and Nisekoi will have short reviews in the Weekly Round-ups.


Episode 2: Beloved Bastard


I must say, I’m getting used to the bright colours of Hamatora. I still dislike the extremely bright colour changes whenever the Hamatora guys use their powers but the rest of it is fine. Also, episode 2 is funnier compared to the first episode, especially what happened to Birthday. That poor guy just had to be at the wrong place at that time. I have ambivalent feelings towards the news of the serial killer. It was what caught my attention at the end of episode 1 and was the reason why I decided to continue watching the series. After watching episode 2, I learned that the serial killer kills Minimum holders and steals their brains. That’s… gross. Despite some of my complaints about Hamatora and the creepy revelation of the stealing of brains, my curiosity about the serial killer stops me from dropping this series.

Nagi no Asukara

Episode 15: The Protector of Smiles


I never knew about Hikari’s age, but it turns out that he was fourteen before the hibernation. Thus, Miuna and Sayu are now the same age as him. Things are really shocking for Hikari. He has to cope with all the changes around him, knowing that he’s the only one who hasn’t changed. All of his friends have grown up now, including Chisaki, while the rest of the Sea People are still asleep. In Fairy Tail, even though the main characters were frozen in time for seven years, they still had one another when they woke up. However, in Hikari’s case, he was the first to wake up and he came to the surface alone.

The theme for this episode is change. Hikari was afraid of all these changes and was afraid of meeting Chisaki because of that. Chisaki was afraid of meeting Hikari because she knew she has changed. It’s nice how they got to meet each other in the end because of the ‘5 o’clock song’ and that they’re still good friends.

Nagi no Asukara seriously got me into the shipping mode. I’m not usually like this. So let’s see, I like Tsumugu x Chisaki (my favourite), Hikari x Miuna and maybe Kaname x Sayu. I’m sorry Manaka, but I’m very sure Tsumugu likes Chisaki now.


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