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Zero to Hero Day 10: Dress Up Your Blog With Widgets

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Today’s assignment: add and customize two widgets.


I’ve included many widgets to my blog before this assignment was posted and adding any more would make my blog too complicated. Hence, I’ll just leave it as it is and blog about the widgets I have.

Search: I think that it makes me blog look more professional and complete. This is  just my opinion. There are things that I like but lack a proper explanation why.

Text: “About Otaku Daydreams” shows a brief description of my blog.

Archives: This organises my posts according to which month they are posted.

Calendar: This is my favourite widget. When I saw this on some blogs I was visiting, I immediately went to find out how to include it on my blog. I like how it indicates the days when I post.

Recent Posts: This is probably the most basic widget needed for a blog. It’s the first thing I notice when I look at the side bar of a blog I’m visiting.

Categories: If you look at my blog, the first thing you might notice is the menu. I’ve included three categories on it but I actually have six categories at the moment.

  • Anime movies/ specials: This refers to my reviews for anime movies and OVAs.
  • Anime reviews: This category is for my reviews on completed anime.
  • Challenges: This refers to WordPress challenges like Zero to Hero.
  • Episode reviews: This is for my reviews on individual anime episodes.
  • Favourites: This category includes lists of my favourite anime, manga, opening and ending songs.

Top Posts & Pages: This shows the top 5 posts with the most views. I like how it shows which posts most of my readers have been reading recently.

Tag Cloud: Although it might appear a bit messy, I like how this shows what tags I’ve included in my blog. It’s like a summary of the topics I’ve written about.

Meta: It’s one of the widgets originally included in my blog. It helps to navigate around WordPress.

The assignment for Day 11 is already posted but I think I’ll leave it for tomorrow. Now to catch up on the anime I’ve missed…


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