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Log Horizon episode 15

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Episode 15: Attack

Minori suggests to her group that it is better to enter the dungeons in the afternoon. She explains that the morning can be spent getting to know one another’s attacks better. (I’m glad you finally spoke up, Minori!) Although Rundel Haus is quite reluctant at first, he realises that Minori is right and apologises for his lack of understanding. It’s nice to know that from now on, Rudy (I’m going to call him that now since he’s more likeable now) will not be as stubborn and annoying like before.

Together, the young adventurers discuss the formation. Tohya draws the enemy’s attention and absorbs all the hits. Serara is the healer. Minori is the field monitor who announces if reinforcements are coming. With the enemies, the skeletons, having their attention on Tohya, Isuzu and Rudy attack them.

log 15-1

Over to the Round Table representatives, Shiroe is seen making a map. When Henrietta comments that he looks tired, he pretends that it is due to the dance. However, it is actually because he is worried about what he learned from Mage Regan. Back to Minori’s group, their plan succeeds. That night, Minori contacts Shiroe and reports about their success. When talking about Rudy, she describes him as ‘handsome, stupid and lame”. (What a funny description) The next day, Princess Lenessia looks cross with Crusty, but it seems like she secretly enjoys his company.

Back to the young adventurers, Isuzu and Rudy are seen together, first with Isuzu playing an instrument. While talking to Rudy, she understands why she doesn’t get nervous when she’s with Rudy, the reason being…

log 15-2

log 15-3

Well, Miss Isuzu, Rudy won’t be very happy if he knows this, but it’s hilarious to me.

log 15-4

The two of them find out that they have one thing in common – both of them like eating hot pollock roe sandwiches. When Isuzu suggests to add Rudy on her Friend List so they can contact each other in the future, Rudy looks a bit nervous. Isuzu fails to add Rudy on her Friend List even though she tried twice. At first, I thought that there was something wrong in the Elder Tale system, that it was one of the problems that occurred after the Apocalypse. However, that would be strange since it was never mentioned until now. After seeing Rudy’s reaction to this, he seems a bit guilty, as if he has been hiding something for a long time. This got me thinking – could it be that Rudy isn’t an adventurer? Perhaps he’s one of the People of the Land who’s sent to be a spy?

log 15-5

Look out, it’s the attack of the walking fish! Or the fish warriors or whatever you prefer to call them. I personally thought that the scene of a whole army of them jumping out of the ocean was quite cool. Being attacked by them is a different story. How will the adventurers deal with them?

To sum it up, we finally get to know the reason behind the strange sighting from the ocean. Will the adventurers be able to defeat them? Hopefully they can get reinforcements as soon as possible, but things don’t seem very well for them right now. As for Rudy, whatever his secret is, I’m really interested in knowing what it is. Do leave a comment and let me know what you think might be his secret!

Watch Log Horizon episode 15 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-15/


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