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Log Horizon episode 14


Episode 14: World Fraction


Shiroe and Akatsuki learn that the magic in Elder Tale are divided into classes, namely action-class, combat-class, operation-class, tactical-class, strategic-class, national defence-class, continent-class and lastly world-class. Division by scale considers magic from a phenomenological perspective or in conjunction with its intended objective. The Sage of Miral Lake, Regan, explains that he researches on world-class magic, which is a spell capable of controlling the laws, the fate, or the very existence of an entire world. That is the World Fraction, also known as the Apocalypse to the adventurers.

ImageThe World Fraction has been used three times. The first one was used by the alvs and this brought about the birth of the demi-humans. Due to this, humanity had to fight endless battles with the demi-humans who could be reincarnated.


What really caught my attention was the second World Fraction. That was when the adventurers arrived in Elder Tale. When Shiroe asks Regan why he chooses to talk to him, Regan replies that Shiroe is an archmage. Akatsuki’s exchange with Shiroe during Regan’s explanation is amusing, especially when Regan mentions that Shiroe’s name has been in their history books since ninty-eight years ago.

ImageShiroe then remembers that in the Elder Tale game, one day in the world equals to two hours in the real world. Ninety-eight years ago in the Elder Tale world is eight years and a few months in the real world. That’s when Shiroe started playing Elder Tale. As for two hundred and forty years ago, that is twenty years in the real world. That means that the first adventurers are the players of the beta version of Elder Tale. This is all so interesting! It shows how the history of Elder Tale is connected with the adventurers in the game. The epicness of Log Horizon has truly begun!


The second half of the episode is more serious. Shiroe tells Akatsuki that from what Regan has told them, it means that if the adventurers die, they’ll lose their memories of the real world and their experience points in the game. Over to the young adventurers, Minori has finally, finally decided to gather her courage and discuss her plans with her group. However, right after she finishes her first sentence, the episode ends! And here I thought she would finally tell them everything in this episode.

My Thoughts:

Wow, that was one awesome episode! Who would think that a history of a game world could be so interesting? Too bad real life modern history isn’t like this. (On a side note, I love ancient history.) I like how this episode explains how the players and the game characters are connected. The tiny pieces of the huge Elder Tale puzzle are starting to come together. It’s cool how the adventurers play such an important role in the world of Elder Tale, especially Shiroe. Knowing that your name with a title of an archmage is in a history book isn’t something you find out everyday!

There are some Shiroe and Akatsuki moments in this episode, and hopefully there’ll be more soon. I do hope they keep the pacing of that the way it is. If the romance comes too suddenly, it won’t be good for the anime. It’ll be like the focus of Log Horizon will become romance instead of figuring out the secrets of Elder Tale.

Judging from the preview, it’s safe to assume that yes, this time Minori really is going to tell the rest of the group everything. I’ve been waiting, Minori. You sure took your time. Now please say it so we can continue with whatever happens with your group and so that everything will work out or at least improve the situation. I seriously just want to get on with it so I can finally watch some action instead of Rundel Haus’ showing off and flirting. Hopefully things will work out well for the young adventurers in the next episode.

Watch Log Horizon episode 14 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-14/


Author: Gwenice Gwee

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2 thoughts on “Log Horizon episode 14

  1. Rudy is comic relief but sometimes he’s too much for me to handle. Makes me wonder what he was like in the real world.

    I liked Episode 14. It was pretty cool. I liked how they put both the real world and Elder Tale together. The history part was very interesting.

    Log Horizon is a cool anime. I’m glad I’m still following it.

    • True. I wonder if he’s the same in the real world or if he’s just fooling around in Elder Tale. I love how they put the real world and Elder Tale together in this episode too. It’s incredible.

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