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Log Horizon episode 13

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Episode 13: Shield and Freedom

The adventurers split up to participate in different events. Shiroe handles the meeting with the Academics’ Guild while Michitaka attends the dinner meeting with Count Kirino of Tsukuba and Crusty takes part in the banquet with Lord Dante. Crusty assures the rest of the adventurers that he can handle dealing with the nobles since he has a ‘sheid’, who turns out to be Princess Lenessia.


With the way Crusty is being portrayed here, I remove my suspicions on Princess Lenessia. Since she is only being portrayed as a simple-minded princess who doesn’t do anything, she shouldn’t be evil in disguise. Rather, the evil one seems to be Crusty. In fact, all the characters in Log Horizon who wear glasses are evil in some way. Later on, Crusty suggests that the princess should give a reward to the strongest knight, the reward being the right to accompany her to the evening party. Naturally, Crusty wins, being an adventurer. How cunning. It was obvious that he would win.

Over to the young adventurers, Minori’s group is experiencing failure again and again, unable to understand why this is happening. I wonder when Minori will finally get the courage to tell her group that the reason behind their failure lies in their strategy. At the beach, Marielle and Shouryuu witness a strange sighting in the ocean. At Michitaka’s side, Count Kirino makes a surprising request: to get the technology to transport goods by sea. With the rise of new inventions, even the People of the Land wants to use them. What will the adventurers do?


Back to Crusty and the princess, I am starting to like that princess! Her reactions to Crusty’s responses are amusing. Later, Crusty explains to Princess Lenessia that she reminds him of his younger sister. Since he hasn’t been able to see his sister for a long time, he feels that being with the princess makes him feel more at ease. This raises one important question about the characters: How do they feel about not being with their families? I haven’t thought of that until now. Crusty is the first character who talks about his family. For Minori and Tohya, they’re in Elder Tale together, but for the rest of the characters, surely most of them have siblings back at home.


It’s cute how Akatsuki is trying to practise dancing by herself then gets embarrassed when Shiroe arrives. They talk about what they’ve done for the day and when Akatsuki mentions the Izumo Knights, the two are interrupted by a sudden arrival. It is Mage Regan of Miral Lake. Perhaps he has to do with the strange sighting Marielle and Shouryuu witnessed?

In the preview, the Mage of Eternal Eyes, Regan explains the secrets regarding the Apocalypse. Also, Shiroe learns about the rules that govern adventurers. Looks like the information that the adventurers want will be coming from this mage.

Watch Log Horizon episode 13 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-13-english-subbed/


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