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Kyousougiga episode 10

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<A Manga Movie About People Who Have a Fun, Busy Life!>


Inari talks to Lady Koto about his troubles. He doesn’t understand why he was given his power. Some of Inari’s actions are explained by her, like how he gave young Koto his heart so she could deliver his wish to heaven and that he gave Myoue the prayer beads so he could change darkness into light. Lady Koto advises him to return to his children and tells him that they understand his feelings, especially young Koto.

“I placed a bet, with myself as a wager. So that in the end, I could love myself.” – Inari


Inari assures Lady Koto that he will do his best and turns to leave before a loud shatter is heard. No, it isn’t Inari’s doing, it’s young Koto!

Back to where the previous episode ended, Koto and Myoue end up at Takahamara, the celestial plane. And, surprise, surprise, they meet the three animals that often appear in the family’s house when Myoue was young. What’s shocking is that they announce that they are their grandfather. The siblings’ grandfather tells them that the world has been restored, and the 13th plane has been accepted as the others. He proclaims them to be the ones to take Inari’s place to be the next god. What I like is how Koto agrees readily, like it’s no big deal despite it being such a heavy responsibility. However, what ‘taking Inari’s place’ actually means that the laws of the world will change and Inari will cease to exist. This shocks the siblings and Koto decides not disagree.She claims that there’s no way to be sure that Inari wishes to disappear. This leads to her taking out Raw and wanting to ask her father.

“Sorry, Grandpa. We’re going to visit Dad. We can talk… after that.” -Koto and Myoue

When travelling back, Koto encourages Myoue to live, even though he doesn’t want to. Once they reach their father’s location, Koto attacks Inari with Raw, with Myoue defending him, only to be punched in the face by Koto who tells him to get out of the way (poor Myoue). While Koto confronts Inari about his decision, Myoue restores Lady Koto’s life. Koto reminds Inari what love is, and that he was the one who taught her. Then, she breaks down crying, asking him why he wants to disappear.


Later on, Inari’s father allows him to stay and there’s a happy reunion for the family.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. I’m usually worried when I get to the last episode of an anime. Most of the times, when a series ends, I feel disappointed. On the other hand, Kyousougiga has a wonderful ending. It’s like everyone in the family is finally back and happy. I think that the length of Kyousougiga is just right. Any longer, things will just be draggy. Even though there are only 10 episodes, Kyousougiga manages to provide enough background for the characters so that viewers understand them. Enough character development is done. The last episode manages to wrap up everything nicely and gives me a warm feeling while watching.

Kyousougiga is a story about family and love, and focuses on a very unique and interesting family. I wasn’t very interested in the anime when I first heard about it, but I read many positive reviews about it so I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. Accompanied by amazing animation, Kyousougiga teaches viewers to treasure your family members, no matter how weird and different they are. Blood ties aren’t what makes people family. It’s love that brings a family together.

Watch Kyousougiga episode 10 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-10/


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