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Kyoukai no Kanata episode 12


<Gray World>

“I don’t need a life at the cost of yours, Kuriyama-san! A future without you… means nothing to me! Are you that oblivious?!”  -Akihito


I was thinking that Kyoukai no Kanata is the only anime I’ve watched where the female main character is the one doing the fighting instead of the male main character, but Akihito finally did something in the finale of the anime. Yay, Akihito, you graduated from mere running to joining in to the fight!


Ouch. Haha I like how there’s still some time for humour even though Mirai and Akihito can be attacked by youmu any time.

Back to more serious matters regarding Fujima and Izumi, Fujima announces that both of them harbour youmu in their bodies. Hiromi, who just arrives, hears the news. So, the cat’s out of the bag. Is that the reason why both of them are so strong? The youmu inside of them are providing them with extra strength that makes them much stronger than other regular Spirit World Warriors.


Compared to Fujima and Izumi’s fight, I prefer the battle between Akihito and Mirai against the thousands of youmu surrounding them. Also, Ayaka and Ai return to help. Most importantly, I really like this scene! It’s kind of like Akihito decided it’s time for his own badass moment. Akihito defeats the other part of him, Beyond the Boundary, which returns to him. What happens next really shocked me. Mirai disappears, saying that since her actual being has vanished from the world, she will disappear for good now that the dimension they are in will be gone. I must admit I’ve never really liked Mirai much, but what she said there really made me teary.

“Izumi -ne-san, I’ve always looked up to you. I’ve wanted to become just like you. But I’ve changed my mind. I’ll never be like you.” – Hiromi

After that, Izumi leaves, and Hiromi becomes in charge of the Nase family. Ayaka and Ai return to their home, and things goes back to normal… but not everything. Mirai is gone, and a certain someone misses her a lot. But one day, a miracle appears. Mirai is back, and reunites with Akihito.


The series ends with Mirai putting on her glasses and smiling. And that’s it. Kyoukai no Kanata is over. But is it really? I think that there’s so much left unanswered. Where did Fujima go? What happened to Izumi later? Besides, it’s like nothing is truly explained about the Nase family. What will be the impact of Hiromi being in charge? Most importantly, how did Mirai come back? Other than what Akihito said about fate, isn’t there a proper reason to what happened? I feel that there’re enough questions to create a second season. Moreover, more character development can be done. Then again, many anime end this way but don’t get a second season. Perhaps Kyoukai no Kanata wants to leave it to our imagination about what happens next.

Watch Kyoukai no Kanata episode 12 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyoukai-no-kanata-episode-12/


Author: Gwenice Gwee

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2 thoughts on “Kyoukai no Kanata episode 12

  1. Of course the megane pervert is a badass and I agree, I like that he finally had his moment fighting unlike Mirai who fought for the whole series. Didn’t think that Mirai will disappear but then I feel that there wasn’t any impact since she came back almost immediately and we have no idea why. Although I don’t think that there will be a second season. As you said “Then again, many anime end this way but don’t get a second season. Perhaps Kyoukai no Kanata wants to leave it to our imagination about what happens next.”

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