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Log Horizon episode 12


Episode 12: The Battle of Lagranda

Lord Sergiatte invites the adventurers to join in the dance, with Shiroe being the one forced to join in, much to his dismay. Henrietta dances with him, reminding him that her class is bard. A bard is a weapon-based offensive class with a support role who can lower the enemy’s stats or enhance his or her allies’ abilities. Unlike an enchanter who is also a support role, a bard uses music. Next, the adventurers discuss the possible reasons why the conference is being held. Shiroe feels that the People of the Land want to win the adventurers over to their side, and might give Crusty a noble title to do so.


Meanwhile, at the training camp, the new players are divided into groups. Tohya, Minori, Serara, Isuzu and the annoying blond guy Rundel Haus Code are in the same group. That guy is seriously an arrogant brat who brags even though he’s only level 23. Sheesh. The funny thing is how both him and Tohya suddenly get all buddy-buddy with him at the thought of fighting monsters in the dungeon even though Tohya didn’t like him at first. However, because of this, Minori is unable to discuss the team formation with the rest of the group members.


I really like their faces in response to Rundel’s idiocy. Later on, the group faces a battle with three skeletons. We finally get to see the action we’ve been missing in the past few episodes. At first, their teamwork goes well, successfully defeating the enemies. However, when Tohya rushes over to attack an archer skeleton, he faces five skeletons who have been hiding. When Rundel uses his magic, the skeletons leave Tohya to attack the defenceless sorcerer.


With so many things going wrong, the group has only one thing left to do – to leave the place and just run! As pathetic as they feel it is, there really isn’t another way out in such a situation. I feel really bad for Minori. No matter how hard she tries, Rundel doesn’t listen to her advice and here they are running away like a bunch of scaredy cats. With such an ignorant person in your group, it’s no surprise that trouble pursues.

log 11

Back to the older adventurers, Crusty approaches Princess Lenessia. What’s going to happen between them?

To sum it up, the battle against the skeletons would have been fine if it wasn’t for an annoying sorcerer. The beginning of the battle was nice since I was in the mood for action scenes. The rest of the episode with the older adventurers was a bit slow but then again, the conference is yet to begin.

Looking at the preview for the next episode, Princess Lenessia seems to be the focus of the episode. Will she be the one spilling the information on the People of the Land that the adventurers want? I still get the feeling that she’s not a simple person, so it shouldn’t be so easy. On a side note, I’m eager to see what happens to the group of young adventurers in the next episode. Will they safely reach the exit? Or will they face yet another problem?

Watch Log Horizon episode 12 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-12-english-subbed/


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  1. Do you think Crusty has an ulterior motive?

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