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Log Horizon episode 11

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I’m finally back and ready to watch the episodes I’ve missed and finish their respective reviews. To start off, here’s my long overdue review of Log Horizon episode 11.

Episode 11: An Invitation from Eastel

The episode starts off with two People of the Land who are hunting a deer, then notices that something bad is happening to Elder Tale. Next, back to the adventurers, more shops have opened. Henrietta calls Shiroe over to Crescent Moon Alliance for help, and it turns out that Marielle is complaining that she wants to go to the beach because it is summer. Meanwhile, new players have gathered around a big tree with a poster stating “Round Table-Sponsored Training Camp for New Players”. It is a summer training camp for new players under level 40.


While Marielle and Henrietta are getting overexcited for the camp, a group of visitors enter Akihabara, led by a messenger of the People of the Land, requesting an audience with the Round Table Conference’s leader. They are from the League of Freedom Cities of Eastal, an alliance of the lords who rule Eastern Japan. They requested for a meeting with the Round Table Conference and invited them to a dance. Shiroe weights the merits and demerits of accepting their invitation. By accepting, they can gain valuable information from the People of the Land. However, they might get caught up with their politics.


It is then decided that Shiroe, Crusty and Michitaka will attend the meeting. Akatsuki follows because she feels that a ninja’s job is to follow her master. Henrietta follows as well, claiming to be an observer. Or more like, to force Akatsuki to wear a summer dress.


The adventurers enter the Palace of Eternal Ice, where they meet Sergiatte Cowen, lord of the largest eastern city, the capital of Maihama. (It’s nice to see the adventurers all dressed up formally for a change. Akatsuki really is forced to wear the dress.) With both parties wary about the other, getting information from the People of the Land is proving to be difficult. Also, what will the addition of Princess Lenessia bring about? Something about her tells me she’s not as simple as she seems.

Over to the training camp, the new players will be going to a dungeon by themselves. I kind of have a bad feeling about this. Perhaps some kind of trouble will arise, related to whatever is going on at the start of the episode with the two People of the Land.

Anyway, on to episode 12 to get my answers related to Eastal.

Watch Log Horizon episode 11 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-11-english-subbed/


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