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Kyousougiga episode 9

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<Let’s Think of a Solution Together>

“If its existence opposes both Shrine and God, how could my master create it in the first place?”  – Koto

This episode starts off with Koto talking about making a compromise. The purpose of Shrine is shown when the head priest explains that their duty is to maintain the balance of parallels as representatives of God. A part of the mystery of Inari is revealed that he has been reincarnated, which might explain the change in his appearance.


One thing I admire about Koto is her courage and confidence to say what she thinks. After hearing what Koto has to say, Inari is proud of his daughter and announces that he is a god, much to nearly everyone’s bewilderment. He explains that when he was created, there was his father, his brother the head priest and himself (the head priest being his brother is very surprising). He says he was in charge of giving life, then talks about how shocked he was that Koto was given life by someone else.


Next comes the confusing part. “Koto, you’re the other me that I was wishing for!” Inari proudly proclaims, then suddenly stabs Koto with his sword. Not only that, he stabs the head priest and makes Lady Koto unconscious when they question his actions. Myoue laments about Inari’s return, saying that he was waiting for him to return yet this is what happens.

“You said that you’d return with the beginning and the end in tow. All you ever bring is the end.” – Myoue

Koto, now under Inari’s control, starts to destroy the Mirror Capital with Raw. While this happens, Myoue complains about the current situation. Kurama tells Myoue his true duty which is to rule the world before leaving his brother. When Myoue walks around, he finds Yase, who tells him that he makes a fine Myoue right before she disappears. He then realises that he cares about the Mirror Capital.


I was wondering about the power of Myoue’s beads, then I finally got my answer. The beads hold Inari’s power of creation. Myoue rushes to find Koto (I was sad when the dog disappeared) and brings her back to normal. He assures her that he won’t let the world end.

“I’m sorry I said you bring the end. Koto… you’re the beginning for me.” – Myoue

There you go, the beginning and the end are here as promised. And… what? It’s the last episode next week? Why are both Kyoukai no Kanata and Kyousougiga ending next week when I’m on holiday and unable to watch the episodes right away? So since next week is the last episode all of Inari’s plans should be revealed (I seriously don’t get you at all, Inari. At least I’m not the only one. It seems like all of the other characters don’t either.) Also, how is Myoue going to save the world? According to the preview, it seems like the family will be reunited in the next episode, and I’m eager to know how. And this time, Inari, you have the last chance to explain everything, so tell us.

Watch Kyousougiga episode 9 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-9/


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