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Log Horizon episode 10


Episode 10: Grab It in Your Hand

In this episode, things get more interesting. The conference continues with more support from the other guilds. Marielle reveals the secret to preparing the food for Crescent Moon. Shiroe explains that this discovery is not only limited to cooking. The three major craft guilds have used their crafting skills to create a steam engine, which is not originally in Elder Tale.  After that, Shiroe suggests a few laws to be implemented, one of them being human rights for both adventurers and the People of the Land. Shiroe enlightens the rest of the guilds that the People of the Land are not just non-player characters, and that the world they are in is not the Elder Tale they used to know. He also highlights the importance of maintaining the relations between the two groups of people. Soon, all of the guilds agree to participate in the Round Table Conference.


Later on, there are news that Hamelin has shut down and the new players have joined Crescent Moon Alliance. Most importantly, Log Horizon finally gets its guild hall. Many other guilds help out with the preparations. Surprisingly, the Black Swords come too, helping to clean up the hall. It’s nice to know that they aren’t as mean as they seem.


I’ll like to highlight Shiroe’s expression after hearing that Chief Nyanta will be cooking curry. It’s funny how the Log Horizon members become so excited at the news of being able to eat curry after so long. Then again, who won’t?


 Later, Tohya and Minori join the guild after Chief Nyanta finds them around the guild building. And so, Log Horizon is finally a home for the guild members.


In Akihibara, there are people seen with rings with the name “Eastel” engraved on it. It seems that it is an organisation formed by the People of the Land. Alas, whenever things seem to be settled, a problem will soon arise. The People of the Land are going to make their move. Will they be challenging the adventurers on who is in command of Elder Tale?

Episode 10 is awesome. I’m glad that the guilds have agreed with the formation of the Round Table Conference. It’s nice that Log Horizon finally gets its own guild hall, and that other guilds have helped them with the preparation. This shows how the guilds in Akihibara are more amiable compared to before. In my opinion, this is the best episode of Log Horizon so far. The pace is just right, and I like how things are going. The introduction of Eastel is a great addition to the anime. It’s something unexpected by most of the adventurers in Elder Tale, so the next episode seems really exciting. I wonder how the two groups will confront each other.

Watch Log Horizon episode 10 at http://www.animeultima.tv/log-horizon-episode-10-english-subbed/


Author: Gwenice Gwee

www.thechaserofdreams.wordpress.com Chaser of dreams, epitome of oxymorons

8 thoughts on “Log Horizon episode 10

  1. “In my opinion, this is the best episode of Log Horizon so far.”

    You know what’s funny & awesome at the same time? The fact most people use this line to say about the correct episode. How episode 6 is the best, then its ep7, then is eps8 & so on.

    Hopefully they keep getting better, & if the spoilers are any indication, they might very well be.

  2. Is this anime worth watching?
    Compared to sword art online
    What would u say?

    • Log Horizon is about a MMORPG game so many people think that it is very similar to Sword Art Online. However, the main character in Log Horizon, Shiroe, deals with different things compared to Sword Art Online. Rather than focusing on levelling up and fighting, the world of Elder Tale is different compared to SAO so the anime focuses on trying to improve and bring peace to the world.

      I feel that the world of Elder Tale (the game) is very interesting like how players can be “revived” in the Cathedral. Log Horizon talks about different aspects of a MMORPG world viewers don’t usually think about. For example, the non-player characters in Elder Tale, known as the People of the Land, actually have personalities and backgrounds. What I like is how each player has a class e.g. Enchanter and a subclass e.g. scribe so each player has two sets of skills. (It might seem a bit confusing but once you start watching it will be explained in more detail)

      Log Horizon is not another SAO despite some similarities in episode 1. I’ll say that it’s definitely worth watching. Hope this is helpful for you.

  3. But one line makes this episode. ITS CURRY NIGHT!!!!!!!

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