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Kyousougiga episode 8

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<The Big Argument>


While the Mirror Capital is being destroyed, two people from Shrine arrive, one being the head priest. The head priest announces that the Mirror Capital is not supposed to exist. It is not just a picture world. Rather, it is a parallel world secretly created by Inari, unknown to Shrine until now. Since Koto opened a way from the Mirror Capital, space became warped. The head priest explains that the thirteenth parallel, which is the Mirror Capital, is connected to the other twelve parallels. Hence, the other parallels are also being destroyed.

The head priest scolds Inari for not doing his job as an observer. Inari counters by destroying his fox mask, claiming that he knows what’s important to him. Therefore, it can be implied that Inari is not human. Later, the assistant from Shrine is ordered to control the familiars so that they attack Inari. Then, Lady Koto’s body becomes weak. The head priest explains that after Koto’s birth, her mother lost all her powers. Due to this, Lady Koto is no longer real and cannot exist outside the sanctuary,

When Koto is lost and saddened with guilt at the thought that she is the cause of the destruction of the Mirror Capital and her mother’s suffering, Myoue comes to the rescue. I like how Myoue is the one who comforts Koto. He urges her to think about her parents, who are alive. He compares her to himself, saying that his biological parents and siblings are already dead, but she is different.He brings her back to her old self with a punch, which Koto returns. Myoue then encourages her to convince the head priest, assuring her he will support her.

Image“If you don’t help the people of the Mirror Capital and Mom, I’ll break all of the other parallels as well. The Mirror Capital can’t end here. I’ll pull everything else down with it! What do you say, Shrine?” – Koto

To Koto, convincing means threatening, huh. I love everyone’s shocked expressions when they heard her, especially Myoue. He sure didn’t think that Koto would do something like this. Koto’s solution to everything in life: If you can’t have it your way, destroy everything. Even Koto has her badass moments. Way to go, Koto!

Watch Kyousougiga episode 8 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyousougiga-tv-episode-8-english-subbed/


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