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Kyoukai no Kanata episode 10

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<White World>

My room isn’t flooding today, so it means one thing: Akihito is alive! Not just alive, but back as his human self.


The episode starts off with Akihito gaining consciousness. Mirai prepares a meal for him, saying that it was rice omelet. Her failed attempt is really funny, with her using up all the eggs in the refrigerator but still unable to prepare the egg in the right way. The best scene is when Akihito spots the pig head in the fridge. (That can seriously scare anyone!)

Akihito 2

Here it is – the sentence in the preview given last week that really scared me. I’m really glad that Akihito is alive. Then again, it’s too early to kill off a main character since it’s only episode 10. One thing about this episode is that there are many confusing and scary scenes about Mirai and Akihito, with Akihito in a weird state.

After that, the interesting part comes. Mirai reveals the identity of Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata). It is a collection of people’s warped hearts that’s said to be able to destroy the world. Also, it was a youmu that resided inside of Akihito. Mirai adds that she originally came to the town to defeat it. However, she wasn’t able to do so, since she couldn’t bring herself to kill Akihito. Next is the frightening revelation that whatever happening at the moment is just a dream. A bit of Mirai’s blood is inside Akihito, making Akihito have this dream.

Later on, during the flashback about Mirai and Izumi, Izumi explains about Mirai’s arrival. She was sent to defeat Beyond the Boundary. Izumi showed her a photo of the human half of it, saying that its name is Kanbara Akihito. Suddenly, it all makes sense. During the first episode, I had no idea why Mirai was so keen on stabbing Akihito. It was insane. Now, I understand that it was because Mirai knew that Akihito was Beyond the Boundary right from the beginning. It was really unexpected. All the flashbacks from the first episode when Mirai talks to Akihito about her cursed blood start becoming so meaningful. When Akihito said that he was the same, it changed how Mirai thought of Akihito. It was the point when she realised she couldn’t kill Akihito. Also, the reason why Mirai refused to join the Literacy Club at first was because Izumi advised her to distance herself from Akihito.


That one sentence that means so much.

Then, all my previous questions revolving around Nase Izumi are answered. Everything was planned by Izumi. She even told Mirai where to find Akihito, which explains how Mirai was able to locate him so soon in the previous episode. In the end of the episode, Mirai is inside Beyond the Boundary.

This episode is very emotional. To think that Kyoukai no Kanata actually planned to mess with my emotions right from the start! This episode really made me care a lot more for Mirai and Akihito. I wonder what will happen to them in the next episode. Judging from the preview, episode 11 will be bringing us to the peak of this emotional rollercoaster.

Watch Kyoukai no Kanata episode 10 at http://www.animeultima.tv/kyoukai-no-kanata-episode-10-english-subbed/


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